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Life On Planet Crackpot

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you “Badass Billy” Macdowell:

I arrived at the doors of Alcoholics Anonymous at the age of twenty nine. It took me twenty years beyond, after five years, three years and a number of sporatic [sic] months of, what we in AA call, “dry drunks”, or, “white knuckled sobriety”, to understand and accept what was being suggested to me by the understanding and caring  people of AA and what the spiritual program of AA would eventually do for me.

That being said, I will put to rest an old wives tale about the alcoholic in the simplest terms that anyone can understand. Have you ever heard, “that all the alcoholic has to do is use “will power” to stop drinking?” Well, let me ask you something very personal, “have you ever tried will power when you had a case of diarrhea?” Try it sometime! If it doesn’t work for diarrhea, it certainly will not help the alcoholic to stop drinking. Believe me!


This piece of literary brilliance is taken from Badass Billy’s drunkalog, where he goes on to write:

I had to turn my disease over to the care of the God of my understanding, totally surrender to the fact that alcohol conquered me, remove my self centerness [sic] (ego deflation in depth) and ask for guidance. That was never in me to do prior to my surrendering. It is because of that spiritual conversion, from the extreme depths of despair and desperation, drowning in the quicksand of insanity, that I was able to recover to become a productive and respected member of society. Without a Higher Power and the Twelve Step program of AA to guide me every step of the way, there was no way out of what is often referred to as… “self will run riot.”

Billy’s ego deflation and consequent sobriety was effective enough to allow him to self-publish an autobiography in which he declares himself “God’s linchpin.” In promoting it, he tells the world that he now lives “in a prestigious country club, overlooking the third hole on the golf course.” That certainly makes me want to buy his book. All of this may sound a little self-aggrandizing to you, but before he surrendered his ego, Billy was downright insufferable. Continue reading Life On Planet Crackpot

The 12-Steps Inn: Where Brains Check In, But They Don’t Check Out

Martha sent us a link to this little gem from the 12-Steps Inn. God help us all….

Your Sponsor And Your Therapist.

Your sponsor isn’t all that interested in the reasons you drank.

Your therapist thinks your root problem is your lack of self-esteem, negative self-image, and your poor self- concept.
Your sponsor thinks your problem is a 3-letter word with no hyphens.

Your therapist wants you to pamper your ‘inner child.’
Your sponsor thinks it ought to be spanked.

Your therapist thinks your parents and others are to blame
Your sponsor thinks your inventory should be about you, not your parents.

Your therapist thinks you should confront your parents and others
Your sponsor tells you to make amends to them.

Your therapist wants you to find ‘closure.’
The only time your sponsor uses the word ‘closure’ is before the word ‘mouth.’

Your therapist thinks you should put up ‘boundaries.’
Your sponsor thinks ‘boundaries’ are things you need to take down.

Your therapist wants you to love yourself first.
Your sponsor wants you to love others first.

Your therapist prescribes care-taking and medication.
Your sponsor prescribes prayer making and meditation.

Your therapist wants you to learn ‘anger management skills.’
Your sponsor thinks ‘anger management skills’ are numbered 1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.

Now that you haven’t had a drink in six months, your therapist thinks you should make a list of your goals and objectives for the next five years, starting with finishing up that college degree.
Your sponsor thinks you should start today by cleaning the coffee pots, helping him carry a heavy box of literature to the jail, and making your bed.

Your sponsor won’t lose his license to practice if he talks about God

You Can Take the Lunatic Out of AA, But You Can’t Take AA Out of The Lunatic

I made the mistake of approving a comment from Diablo, one of our resident trolls. In a fit of rigorous honesty™, he changed his name and personae, and tried sneak a multi-paragraph tirade through. It began:

Hey I am Steve I am new here. I came around last night and read for awhile trying to see if I fit in here.
This is what I came away with from my reading. Now mind you I am not the best writer nor do I make any attempt to try….

I deleted it, and I’m posting this as a warning, because he is also going through our community pages. These types have a sense of entitlement, and he will likely show up again at some point. If you happen to see any comments here or in the community section that have a tinge of lunacy, and that you suspect may be Diablo, let me or FTG know, and we’ll delete it if it is him.

Quote of the Day

Sugomom just quoted this from a forum, and I thought it was of such quality, that it deserved to be highlighted here:

“I would much rather date a woman who didn’t drink than one who did. If a person gets drunk, or has ever gotten drunk, then they are an alcoholic. If they are in a 12 step program and taking rigorous moral inventory as well as prayer, then I would date them. If they are just drinking alcohol and getting drunk, I would drive them to an AA meeting to help them on their way to a stronger spiritual connection with their higher power.

I would much rather date a woman who had an extremely strong spiritual connection to her higher power than an atheist who is constantly inserting her ego into every issue.

Egotists drink alcohol, that’s the honest truth. People drink alcohol to avoid Life. If you are lucky enough to find a person in a 12 step program, do not interfere with their meetings or spiritual practice. That is the one thing that you cannot do, they will leave you in a second over a meeting. You ever cause them to miss a meeting and you will be gone within hours if not minutes. That is critical to understand.”


Anyone who has studied psychology is familiar with the term “projection,” which refers to the tendency of an individual to deny his or her bad attributes, and project them onto another individual. It is a normal defense mechanism that all of us possess to at least some degree, but is amplified in people with certain psychological disorders. In a room full of AAs, which is a human sized petri dish of psychosis, projection is a staple of the interaction which takes place between the participants. It serves as the grease to the gears of the inter-working parts that make up the engine of AA manipulation – and can be seen in its many forms, from displacement to bullying. I’ve often thought about what a shame it was that Freud, who came up with the concept of projection, missed out on his chance to study an AA group, as it would have been his treasure trove of all things crazy.

AA’s very definition of an alcoholic as being selfish and ego-driven is a study in projection. Bill Wilson, who was an ego-driven narcissist, and who also happened to have a scorching drinking problem, simply applied his own shortcomings to all alcoholics. Where Oxford Group believed in the idea of original sin, and that we are all selfish by our very nature – Bill Wilson, Dr Bob and the early members of AA, separated those with drinking problems as being uniquely morally deficient. Continue reading Projection

Cabbie Slasher To Stand Trial

UPDATE: Michael Enright, the AA who slashed the throat of a New York cabbie for having the wrong higher power™, has had his hate crimes charge upheld by a judge:

Judge Upholds Hate Crimes Charge Against Alleged Slasher

Keeping Up With Doug E

Douglas Ehret is an AA with a bit of an anger problem, and a rap sheet longer than Tony J’s resentment list. This, of course, isn’t unusual. What is unusual, is the authorities in BC decided to keep this nutjob in jail after he got caught breaking the terms of his parole:

A parolee who police said could be a danger to women has had his statutory release revoked and will remain in prison.

Douglas Ehret, 45, was arrested in October after the Victoria parole office decided he posed an undue risk to the community.

Victoria police issued a rare public warning when Ehret was released on Sept. 23 because of his lengthy criminal record. Ehret’s record includes convictions for attempted forcible confinement, break and enter, and assault.

Police said he had a history of randomly targeting women who were alone. On two occasions, he tried to lure female real estate agents to vacant homes in B.C.’s Interior.

Ehret was re-arrested because he violated a parole condition that forced him to report all interactions with girls or women to his parole officer, according to a written decision by the National Parole Board.

According to the documents, Ehret accepted a ride home with a woman after an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, tried to book a massage with a woman at a spa, and had a profile on an Internet dating website.

Fortunately, this woman in AA was not (yet) victimized by this asshole. Of course, if she had been, she could have made her way to this blog, where our resident AA commenters can tell her how resentful she is, and how she could worry about keeping her side of the street clean.

Parolee poses risk, must stay in prison

Serenity Meltdown in Virginia

Darrell Robertson, an AA in Virginia, seems to have a bit of a temper:

RUSTBURG — A Campbell County man who went on a rampage in April 2009, burning down his sister’s home, then breaking into an ex-girlfriend’s home and beating her with a shotgun, was sentenced in circuit court Friday to 13 years in prison. Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Beth Doucette called 40-year-old Darrell Robertson “an extreme danger to the community,” and noted he had previously knocked out his own mother’s front teeth in a fight and threatened to burn down her home, too. According to testimony in an earlier hearing, Robertson came to his sister’s home on Bear Creek Road on April 13 from an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting with a bottle of vodka, “dead drunk,” Doucette said. Robertson punched his sister in the mouth. When she left, he burned down her home.

This was the second time this jackass has gone into a serenity meltdown. The first time he received a suspended sentence, no doubt because he started going to AA and turned his life around. Now he can attend meetings behind, but he’ll almost certainly be back in the rooms when he gets out.

Keep Coming Back!

Campbell County man sentenced for beating, arson

Quote of the Day

“And that is a shame that some would spend their time in futile resentment trying to mislabel AA as some religious cult. I have seen some others ex-AA’ers with the same vendetta trying to sway others with their copy and paste twisting meanings. Most of them anti-God Christian hating atheists authors trying to mock AA’ers as brainwashed people when that is the farthest from the truth….”

Nite Byrd, an AA, commenting on this post made about the term “Dry Drunk.”

(I posted the link to a frozen page because I have no doubt the original thread and the link to our site might soon be deleted.)

Freedom May Not Be Free, But Sometimes It’s Tax-Free

The Freedom House in Kalispell, Montana is going through a bit of a back and forth with the City Council. First, for the sake of clarity, let me say that this has nothing to do with Dick B’s “Freedom Ranch”. There is a distinct difference in recovery terms between a “ranch” and a “house”. A “ranch” is a luxury condo on the beach, complete with tennis courts and swimming pools, which is funded with tax-deductible donations, and used, tax-free, by religious nutjobs spiritual enthusiasts, who actually do the “work” of the ranch over the internet. A “house” is a 900 square foot, two-bedroom home that has eight men with spotty pasts and vicious drinking habits, packed into it like a bunch of Chilean miners.

The neighbors are unhappy because, shockingly, they do not want a bunch of criminally-minded guys with drinking and drug problems taking over their neighborhood. Like all sober living homes, they are running it under the guise of treatment and recovery – a type of business that is not allowed under the zoning restrictions of this community. And, like other sober living homes, they are trying to do a workaround the law with “rigorous honesty”, by claiming it is just a bunch of unrelated guys living under a roof, who happen to have organized recovery meetings throughout the week. Despite what the neighbors believe, it has nothing to do with making a prophet profit!

The president of Freedom House’s board, Randall Marr, strongly disagrees with the locals, and he would have been willing to defend his group against these unwarranted accusations, except he was in jail for breaking parole by getting liquored up and making an ass of himself at a local hospital.

The City Council has taken the chickenshit route, and has left it up to state authorities to make a decision on the case, which is pending.

Kallispell Still Undecided on Freedom House