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A Lesson In ‘Rigorous Honesty’

Among the words we have included in our Addictionary tab, is the term “rigorous honesty”. We have defined it as:

1) dishonesty and manipulation; 2) telling a lie with your fingers crossed; 3) habitual lying.

Of course, all of these are true, but rigorous honesty is more than just blatant manipulation. It encompasses so many things within AA, from how to recruit a “prospect”, to re-defining commonly used terms in order to fit AA’s objectives, to working around its own traditions in order to suit its purposes. It can all get quite confusing. Continue reading A Lesson In ‘Rigorous Honesty’

The Truthiness, The Whole Truthiness and Nothing But The Truthiness

Truthiness noun – 1) the quality of preferring concepts or facts one wishes to be true, rather than concepts or facts known to be true; 2) truth that comes from the gut not books

“The truth only carries so much weight. What we believe to be the truth will trump the actual truth every time.” – Cuda


The above quote summarizes, in a nutshell, AA’s approach to recovery — or their approach to almost anything else for that matter. There is a reason why the endless debates which take place in our comment section will never be end, and that is because the two sides are playing with different points of reference – with one relying on logic, skepticism and rational thought; and the other relying on what they want to believe. Continue reading The Truthiness, The Whole Truthiness and Nothing But The Truthiness