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Ku Klux Krazy

No one today says a child molester can be reformed. A generation ago every expert said they could.

There is a lesson here. Everybody but us is required to say that they can look at a black guy with a white girl and not even notice. If one can really convince oneself of that, one can also convince oneself that NAMBLA is right, and that men having sex with boys is so Ok it is not noticeable.

If you can REALLY do these things, just ONCE, is there ever any coming back?

We accept recovering alcoholics, but only if they are absolutely, unreservedly aware, every day of the week, that there is something WRONG with them. That is the ONLY route to recovery, and there is no guarantee of that one.

The same inhumanly difficulty exists in the case of those who are ever truly unoffended by the couple which will produce ugly mixes.

We all know that Tiger Woods would have nothing to do with a girl who looked like the daughter he and his beautiful Swedish bride will produce. We all know that OJ would have nothing to do with a girl who looked like the daughter he and his blond wife produced….

Bob Whitaker, an AA. Commenting on the White Pride World Wide forum.

Guess The Troll

OK, kiddos. It’s time to put those brain cells you’ve managed to retain to use. Yesterday, we received a comment that got caught in our troll trap, under the name “Banjomansband.” Rather than let it sluice through, we thought it would be fun to make a contest of it, in a “Guess the Troll” contest. [Hint: It’s someone we know and lub.]

It’s not enough to just guess the name. Please show your work. Entrants are judged by use of logic, wit and deliciousness; with bonus points awarded to whoever can explain to us the actual point this guy is trying to make:

“We have check the link out MA and find it ridiculous. Why you would want to print such rubbish is beyond us.
Yes it is several people having a say here. A couple of us post on JREF’s this is where we first heard of you. You post under a another name, why, are you hiding something.
Seems you keep pulling this disgusting stunt every time he posts on a site you or ftg posted on.
It seems he doesn’t like you and what you stand for so he takes the fight to you directly, what a concept. You folks do it here everyday. You jump into blogs, sites, newspapers ect…pull out what you want and post it here including people faces. You did this with Alfie, right. So when it is done to you, you fight back dirty.
Now your after Alfie to look at this link, well we suggest he does, please get it over with. Anything to stop you from soapboxing this link.
We don’t know this guy really and probably won’t but it seems low down that you would pull this shit and call yourselves respectable.
Grow Up!”

Good Luck!

Catholic Crazy

Here’s a good one from the looney bin of the Catholic Church. A diocese in Colorado has stepped away from dealing with their child molestation lawsuit settlements, and has put together a 12-Step program for their gay parishioners. This is an interesting spin on “attraction, not promotion.” First, convince these poor people that something is wrong with them, then put together a program to deal with that morally flawed, sinful behavior. Father Pantsoff would be proud.

Keeping Up With Doug E

Douglas Ehret is an AA with a bit of an anger problem, and a rap sheet longer than Tony J’s resentment list. This, of course, isn’t unusual. What is unusual, is the authorities in BC decided to keep this nutjob in jail after he got caught breaking the terms of his parole:

A parolee who police said could be a danger to women has had his statutory release revoked and will remain in prison.

Douglas Ehret, 45, was arrested in October after the Victoria parole office decided he posed an undue risk to the community.

Victoria police issued a rare public warning when Ehret was released on Sept. 23 because of his lengthy criminal record. Ehret’s record includes convictions for attempted forcible confinement, break and enter, and assault.

Police said he had a history of randomly targeting women who were alone. On two occasions, he tried to lure female real estate agents to vacant homes in B.C.’s Interior.

Ehret was re-arrested because he violated a parole condition that forced him to report all interactions with girls or women to his parole officer, according to a written decision by the National Parole Board.

According to the documents, Ehret accepted a ride home with a woman after an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, tried to book a massage with a woman at a spa, and had a profile on an Internet dating website.

Fortunately, this woman in AA was not (yet) victimized by this asshole. Of course, if she had been, she could have made her way to this blog, where our resident AA commenters can tell her how resentful she is, and how she could worry about keeping her side of the street clean.

Parolee poses risk, must stay in prison

Randall Marriffic!

In an update on our story about Freedom House in Kalispell, Montana; it seems that on again, off again president, Randall Marr, is back in the pokey – once again for parole violation.

Now, this serenity fun-bunch is, in an effort to put some lipstick on this pig, has taken down their website, and is considering a name change. Of course, the same felons people are still running the show, and the residents are still in the house.

Any suggestions on a new name?

How to Treat Dick Burns

First, let me apologize to those of you who googled the title of this article, hoping to find some relief from an STD, or a domestic accident with a curling iron. This post is about our beloved Dick B, aka Dick Burns – an AA historian and friend of the blog. Those regular readers who read this title and started snickering (speedy, I see you), you should be a little more mature than that. Really! Continue reading How to Treat Dick Burns

Not Just Canada

I found an interesting comment on the story I linked a couple of days ago about Glen McGuire, the convicted con artist who is running a 12-Step rehab centre in Hamilton:

“Please excuse my ignorance but doesn’t Canada have a law that would prohibit an convicted person from running a treatment centre? Talk about the perfect situation for a criminal…bring valnurable people to them to get into their heads and exploit their weaknesses. Only in Canada. That is why criminals come to Canada.”

This is a legitimate point, and illustrates the ignorance most of the population has about who runs the show in AA and at treatment mills. This reader rightfully assumed, as anyone would, that felons like Glen McGuire and sex offender Lance Glock would be disallowed from running these places. The sad fact is that there is no oversight, no regulation, and no accountability for these sociopathic types. It is the perfect storm for someone wanting to exploit those who are often desperate and in need of help, and it is no different in Canada or the United States. In fact, in the U.S., AA is one of the very few places where convicted felons are allowed to congregate. It’s a breeding ground for these assholes.

Quote of the Day

“But I see this site is like a toilet trap. The dirty water that can’t muster enough energy to go all the way down the drain just ends up here and sits doing nothing.

Now that I know you’re too dumb to be a threat I’m loosing[sic] interest.”

Tony J, an AA and serenity hornet who has written 63 comments here in a three day span, and who participates in a blog created to talk about this blog, explaining how he is bored with this blog.