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Quotes of the Day

“…have no respect for those who make a living out of taking newcomers through our steps at a price…may all of their cancers arrive soon and be especially virulent. hope [sic] wherever Mark is now, he is spending newcomer’s money wisely.”

Cabledude/JD/Mondotuna. An AA and troll at this blog, host of the now private “Recovery First” delphi forum; member of AA Mollys UK forum. Commenting here on the death of Mark Houston, who ran a treatment centre and died last year of cancer.

“We will lose interest in selfish things and gain interest in our fellows.”

– The sixth promise of Alcoholics Anonymous

Serenity Arsonist

In a heartwarming story out of Texas, an AA who set fire to playground at a mosque, is trying to parlay his membership in AA into a get-out-of-jail-free card. We all know that a drinking habit leads to racism and pyromania, so his participation in AA makes perfect sense in trying to obtain a sentence reduction:

Henry Glaspell, 34, who now lives in Virginia, was charged with a hate crime after the fire and vandalism at the Dar El Eman Islamic Center on July 25.

According to the indictment, filed Tuesday, Glaspell vandalized the mosque “because of the race, color and ethnic characteristics of the individuals associated with that property.”

Glaspell faces up to 14 months in prison when sentenced, assistant prosecuting attorney Alex Lewis said. He said this morning’s plea hearing, in federal court in Fort Worth, took about 45 minutes.

Glaspell’s attorney, William Hermesmeyer, filed a motion Wednesday asking the court to consider his weekly meetings to Alcoholics Anonymous and his counseling, when sentencing him.

Man pleads guilty to setting fire at Arlington mosque playground

Even Lies Are Bigger In Texas

The Dallas Morning News is helping AA troll for new pigeons on Thanksgiving. I’m not sure the guy who wrote this is an AA or not. Judging from how full of shit he is, my guess is that he is one, as one of the commenters refers to his “birthday.” This quote below made spew coffee out of my nose:

You might find some turkey and dressing there. But you won’t find a morsel of shame, guilt, lecturing or superiority.

Considering the fact that the foundation of the program is built on shame and guilt; as well as lecturing and superiority from the Big Book Nazis who run the AA show, this guy is either a shameful liar, or wholly ignorant about his subject matter. One thing I do know is, his last name is appropriate.