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Thanks, God!

“So there comes a time in every alcoholic’s life when they hit bottom. And there are two ways to handle it. Either you can decide that it is not worth it, and stay at the bottom, or you can realize that what God has given you is a gift. He has given you the opportunity to realize that you have a problem and you need help….”

– “gerbie42”  An AA. Explaining God’s logic.

Sober Recovery Advice of the Day

In response to this statement: [“…Doing the next right thing day in and day out in sobriety and working my butt off to get a job is not supposed to take me from a halfway house (which is a blessing) to a park bench.”]

Enoy sez (in a spiritual, not religious way):

“Million dollar question….

How do you know ?

Who are you to decide how it’s suppose to be ?

In a sincere way , perhaps that is why you haven’t moved on yet. You still have these expectations of how things “should be” based on your own feelings and thoughts rather than “They will be as are”

If you read the 3rd step prayer I think you will see that you haven’t yet completed the third step. I thought I had too until I got a rude awakening to the fact that I had not. ( mentioned this in the other thread )

Many times in my life I’ve gone through terrific struggles , during the struggle I hated it , didn’t understand it , thought it unfair and not right…. Later looking back… It was the best thing that ever happened to me because it gave me new strength, new perspective, new understanding of myself and others.”

You know the “Footsteps in the sand” message right ?

It just. Makes. Sense. Cuz, you know…nothin’ happens by accident. And homelessness is SO much better if God puts you there.

Stinkin’ Thinkin’ Over at the Sober Recovery Forum

What happens when there is dissension in the AA ranks? It depends on the platform. In real life, anyone questioning any part of the program will be derided. On an internet forum run by 12-steppers, they get censored. Even if it is not their AA section.

A few days ago, we were directed to a thread that was started at the Sober Recovery forum titled “The Concept of Powerlessness.” As is most often the case in these discussions about ‘Big Book’ scripture, it devolved into a circle-jerk of pseudo-intellectual mental contortion and philosophizing. I find it difficult to make it through more than three or four posts before my reading voice morphs into the “wah wah wah” of the teacher’s voice in Charlie Brown.

This time, I paid closer attention to the conversation, because a rare voice of trenchancy – “John Barleycorn” – jumped into the conversation. Knowing this was would go over like lead balloon, and knowing the AAs moderating the Sober Recovery forum would delete any challenge to the dogma quicker than one can say “rigorous honesty,” we took a screen shot. Click on the image below to enlarge:

It was followed up with this, which has yet to be deleted, but I’ll go ahead and include it here because I suspect it will be. It’s just makes too much sense:

One problem with using examples from internet forums is, AAs tend to couch their language more than they do one on one or within the confines of a group. What John Barleycorn is asking for is an alternative to tell a person who repeatedly fails. Something beyond a slogan. The answer, of course, is that the program cannot fail. It can only be failed. The onus, and the fault, is always on the individual. Always. It says it right there… in the ‘Big Book’.

It’s almost unfair to ask this of a group that is currently under the AA spell. They’ve been conditioned, and have no point of reference other than the insular world of AA. To a worm in a horseradish, the world is a horseradish.


Jonny Quest, aka “John Barleycorn,” advised us SR deleted another post that would dare to criticize AA. Here it is:

The Daily Chuckle

“Well I have done well with not drinking and working the steps has keep me sober for sixteen months. But succumbed to cigarettes when I found myself hanging with sober people who almost all seemed to smoke. I didn’t smoke before I joined AA….”

Dime, An AA, commenting in the nicotine addiction forum at Sober Recovery.


OK, let’s try and follow this thread from Sober Recovery properly. “Dime” quits drinking in AA, with the help of his higher power™ and his chain-smoking sponsor. But he then starts a smoking habit with the help of his sponsor and peers in recovery, and he is now addicted. Now Dime wishes to quit smoking, and as luck would have it, he has to go no farther than the forum next door – where he is told his keys to quitting are in the hands of his chain-smoking sponsor, and his higher power™ who was so busy with his drinking problem that He/She/It neglected to keep him from getting addicted to nicotine in the first place. Here is Tony B’s sage piece of advice:

“Believe it or not…. Sponsor is the first place to start. He’ll keep you grounded in all this. Once you have a plan, then it’s all up to your HP to make it a reality.”


Serenity Fight!

Maybe I’m too easily amused, but I got a real chuckle over a serenity fight between two competing AA travel outfits. They’re a couple of groups who took the idea of not making a profit with AA, and twisting it in a way that allows them to make a profit off of AA.

Sober Celebrations” offers “sober cruises,” where a bunch of thumpers get together and celebrate their serenity. Imagine the purgatory of being stuck on a boat full of these people. Within ten minutes I’d praying to hit an iceberg. If anything, it would make me grateful that I’m not them. Sober Celebrations also offer what they call “Gratitude Vacations,” which seem nothing more than the standard packaged deals one can find at any travel agency, but are re-named so they can appeal to the AA flock. It’s quite ingenious when you think about it.

Their competitor, “Sober Concierge Services,” offers up the same type of deals. But it seems they’re turning Snow P, the AA running the show over at Sober Celebrations, into a real serenity hornet. Apparently, Sober Concierge plagiarized the words from the Sober Travelers site, and it got this Serenity Angel rip roaring mad. She even tweeted about it. This was written on their sober travel blog:

“I can’t believe the nerve of sober concierge who stole my writing off my website and put it word for word as their first page. How do some people look at themselves in the mirror? It’s amazing. I sent them an email two years ago and they said they would change it and never did. What, nobody there can figure out how to write a paragraph on sober travel???? Would you go on a vacation with someone who doesn’t even know what they are offering well enough to write about it? I wouldn’t!”

Fortunately for Snow Pee, she has let go of her resentments, or else she would be REALLY angry. Sober Concierge has still not taken the words off of their site, no doubt citing the difference between regular honesty and rigorous honesty as their reasons for not doing so.

This whole thing has given me a great marketing idea for myself: Serenity Court. It’s like The People’s Court, but with more slogans, and the witnesses swear on the ‘Big Book’. I could even ask Sober Celebrations to be one of my sponsors, but I’m a bit hesitant to do that, as they might tell me to do a couple of step fives and call them every day.


ps. I was going to add a picture to this post, but I googled “crazy cruise,” and all I got was Tom jumping around on Oprah’s couch.

Speaking for God

Just when I think that I’ve heard the most inane thing that could possibly be said by a person, an AA comes along and sets the bar just a little higher. This time it was set by “Daytrader” and “Boleo,” a couple of AAs at the Sober Recovery forum. Daytrader started the conversation:

“Heard this on a AA convention recording (downloaded from XA – “The Usual Suspects – Sandy B and Jerry J)…. and thought it might be worth posting.

It came during a Q&A with Sandy B. from Tampa

The question: If God can relieve us from this fatal disease of alcoholism, why doesn’t he relieve others suffering from the same disease or from other maladies?

Sandy’s answer: God relieves us of our fatal disease BECAUSE we become entirely willing to HAVE God remove the problem. It doesn’t get removed UNTIL we do that. So, unless someone is SEEKING a spiritual experience, it can’t get in (God can’t come inside in order for the relief to happen)….”

So, according to Sandy B., those who aren’t relieved of their ailments are only in that condition because they have not asked God™, or were not sincere enough. Got it. This is confirmed by Boleo, who wrote:

“I don’t know who said it first;

‘God is such a gentleman, he will not go where he is not invited’.”

Please…put me out of my misery. I can’t stand the stupid!

Quote of the Day

“And that is a shame that some would spend their time in futile resentment trying to mislabel AA as some religious cult. I have seen some others ex-AA’ers with the same vendetta trying to sway others with their copy and paste twisting meanings. Most of them anti-God Christian hating atheists authors trying to mock AA’ers as brainwashed people when that is the farthest from the truth….”

Nite Byrd, an AA, commenting on this post made about the term “Dry Drunk.”

(I posted the link to a frozen page because I have no doubt the original thread and the link to our site might soon be deleted.)

Irish CrAAzy

Edward C is an AA in Ireland with one hell of a resentment. It seems he showed up an AA meeting with the intention of stabbing a pedophile. I suppose if that is your objective, then an AA meeting is as good of a place as any to find one.

The sad part of this story is that this guy, who needs real psychological help, is instead given 12-step quackery.

Alcoholic Vigilante to be Sentenced for Assault on Shop worker

Fun With Delusion

There is a thread in the works from the fun bunch over the Sober Recovery forum titled, “Why do some alcoholics continue to suffer?” It’s so far out, over-the-top, ’round the bend crazy; and the first two posts are so entertaining, I decided to post a link to it now, so you folks could enjoy the show. Get your popcorn….

Why do some alcoholics continue to suffer?

Quotes of the Day

“Hello All!

I am posting for my first time here. Love the site. Stumbled upon it about 4 years ago–while my disease was still active–by what I thought was accident, but have come to realize was Divine Intervention. I kept coming back, and here I am today, sober as a result of surrendering my will to my Higher Power, and having become willing to give up my ideas to try my sponsor’s ideas.”

– “IAmMyProblem,” an AA, explaining how he/she found the Sober Recovery AA forum.

“BTW- Sponsors DO NOT speak for God….”

Mom,” an AA, commenting on this blog.