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Sober Recovery Advice of the Day

In response to this statement: [“…Doing the next right thing day in and day out in sobriety and working my butt off to get a job is not supposed to take me from a halfway house (which is a blessing) to a park bench.”]

Enoy sez (in a spiritual, not religious way):

“Million dollar question….

How do you know ?

Who are you to decide how it’s suppose to be ?

In a sincere way , perhaps that is why you haven’t moved on yet. You still have these expectations of how things “should be” based on your own feelings and thoughts rather than “They will be as are”

If you read the 3rd step prayer I think you will see that you haven’t yet completed the third step. I thought I had too until I got a rude awakening to the fact that I had not. ( mentioned this in the other thread )

Many times in my life I’ve gone through terrific struggles , during the struggle I hated it , didn’t understand it , thought it unfair and not right…. Later looking back… It was the best thing that ever happened to me because it gave me new strength, new perspective, new understanding of myself and others.”

You know the “Footsteps in the sand” message right ?

It just. Makes. Sense. Cuz, you know…nothin’ happens by accident. And homelessness is SO much better if God puts you there.

Randall Marriffic!

In an update on our story about Freedom House in Kalispell, Montana; it seems that on again, off again president, Randall Marr, is back in the pokey – once again for parole violation.

Now, this serenity fun-bunch is, in an effort to put some lipstick on this pig, has taken down their website, and is considering a name change. Of course, the same felons people are still running the show, and the residents are still in the house.

Any suggestions on a new name?

Serenity Stealing In Salem

Here is a fun story about an AA out of Salem, Massachusetts:
Landlord of Salem Sober House Jailed

SALEM — The owner of a controversial “sober house” shut down last year by the state over a lack of handicapped access was ordered to serve what had been a suspended 21/2-year jail term for identity fraud yesterday.

Part of the reason: Michael Viola was allegedly again committing identity fraud to pay for the work required to make the Salem Street building handicapped-accessible.

Viola, 47, of Saugus, was found guilty last year of stealing the personal information of the former owners of the building at 17-21 Salem St., in the city’s Point neighborhood, to open credit cards, which he then used to purchase plumbing and other construction supplies for the sober house property, numerous store gift cards, and even flowers for his wife and his girlfriend.

It also appears that Michael V is not only a con-artist and a thief, but he is a bit of a serenity hornet, as well:

Police in Arlington have charged Viola with stealing the identity of a resident there to purchase $2,150 worth of door-opening buttons, Arlington police said yesterday. Viola’s due in Cambridge District Court in January in that case.

He has also been arrested in Revere and Lynn on charges of violating a restraining order and making threats, his probation officer, Patrick Goff, told Judge Robert Brennan yesterday.

Some are sicker than others, you know.

Meet Francine Stone: Freedom House Secretary

I know, I know…you can’t get enough of our ongoing series on Freedom House in Kalispell, Montana – and since we are here to placate our target audience of serenityless resentillians, we figured, “what the hell, let’s meet the Freedom House board of directors!”

Today, we’re profiling Francine Stone, aka inmate #3003107. She bears a striking resemblance to Weird Al Yankovic after three-day drunk, with the only discernible difference being the tattoo of a pit bull that Francine has on her left shoulder. Her hobbies include meditating, serenity searching, and obstructing justice. Currently a resident of Montana, Francine has also lived in California, where she was also in trouble with the law. Hey, let’s play a game! Whatcha think she was busted for in Oakland? I’ll send out a complimentary amends letter for anyone guesses correctly.

In another development, Randall Marr was sprung from the big house last night. I hope he doesn’t celebrate by tying one on. I hear he’s an angry drunk.

Meet Randall Marr

Meet Randall Marr. He is the board president of “Freedom House”, a sober living home we posted about here yesterday. DeConstructor found that Randall has his very own web page, so I decided we would highlight it here. It makes me wonder what the rest of the board consists of, if this is the guy they elected to run the show.