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Massiveattack Live with Tom Horvath

Tom Horvath from Smart Recovery will guest host with MASSIVE on blogtalkradio.

Tuesday @ 6pmPST 9pm EST -June 7th, 2011


Join Tom and me for an in depth discussion on SMART Recovery (TM) — a smarter, secular alternative to AA/NA.

Call in to listen or ask us questions @ 818-475-9211 .

There is also a chat room if you are too shy to call in!
See you then.

SMART gets some action…

humanspirit just sent this interview

Leading questions: Richard Phillips, Smart Recovery UK

The interim director on the charity’s abstinence-orientated approach to drug and alcohol misuse

What does the charity do?

Smart Recovery is an abstinence-oriented recovery organisation that helps people with addictions. We run mutual aid groups, based on cognitive behavioural methods.

Is it similar to Alcoholics Anonymous?

We use scientifically proven methods in peer-led self-help groups. It’s about creating an alternative approach, grounded in modern psychological methods, to the 12-step fellowships from Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

How does it work?

While both AA and NA also focus on mutual aid, we train “champions” within drug and alcohol treatment centres, as well as facilitators who are in recovery. The aim is to bring self-help and the drug and alcohol treatment systems closer together.

Read the whole thing…

There are a couple of good comments there.

Serenity Nutjob

I guess AA God™ was so busy keeping these people serene and sober, He forgot to warn them about the guy in the meeting with a gun:

TRAVERSE CITY — A 40-year-old Traverse City man is behind bars, charged with trying to kill another man during an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

It happened around 7:55 Friday morning at 1610 Barlow Street in Garfield Township.

Officials say about fifteen people were at the AA meeting when they noticed one member was acting erratically. The victim, who was the chair of the meeting was trying to call law enforcement when the suspect grabbed the man in a choke hold and cut his face and neck.

Attempted murder during AA meeting

SMART Recovery® has a new blog

Check it out.

Dr. Dave and Bill

Sounds like Dr. Dave and Bill are trying to expand the great Elastic Pants of Alcoholics Anonymous to accommodate the girth of their enormous egos spirituality.

I just want to know how poor old “START” is going to survive, once all their members start jumping ship to follow these two total boobs.

New from blamethenile

Dudes are on a roll…

SMART Recovery and Alcoholics Anonymous — A Comparison


EZ just gave us a link to a good  article about SMART Recovery. Thanks, EZ!

NIH Launches "Rethinking Drinking" Website

This news is a couple of weeks old… but that’s what I get for dorking around on youtube and hitting the refresh button at Cute Overload all day long.

The NIH, NIAAA and DHHS  have launched a solid new website called Rethinking Drinking, which introduces new guidelines and also endorses several alternative resources to Alcoholics Anonymous. Here’s a quote from their “Professional Help” page:

There are several counseling approaches that are about equally effective—12 step, cognitive-behavioral, motivational enhancement, or a combination. Getting help in itself appears to be more important than the particular approach used, as long as it offers empathy, avoids heavy confrontation, strengthens motivation, and provides concrete ways to change drinking behavior. See resources for organizations to help you find a psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, or other substance abuse professional.

On their resources page, they provide links to SMART, SOS, Women for Sobriety, Moderation Management, among many other treatment options. This is progress.