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Acquittal for Pinconning Serenity Hornet

Stanley M. “Mike” Milostan, the AA who shot a woman and fellow stepper multiple times after she went after him with a ball-peen hammer, has been acquitted of assault with intent to commit murder. He was convicted of possession of marijuana with intent to deliver and possession of a firearm in the commission of felony.

My guess is the jury found it difficult to pick the truth out of the victim’s and defendant’s stories, because they were both so obviously full of shit. However, it does look like they bought the victim’s story that she was prostituting herself to Mike M. in exchange for drugs. He’s still being held in the pokey, awaiting his sentencing for that dastardly deed.

What are the odds that, when it comes time for sentencing, this asshole’s AA brethren will come crawling out of the woodwork to tell the judge what a spiritual giant he is?

Jury acquits Pinconning man of attempted murder….

Serenity Nutjob

I guess AA God™ was so busy keeping these people serene and sober, He forgot to warn them about the guy in the meeting with a gun:

TRAVERSE CITY — A 40-year-old Traverse City man is behind bars, charged with trying to kill another man during an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

It happened around 7:55 Friday morning at 1610 Barlow Street in Garfield Township.

Officials say about fifteen people were at the AA meeting when they noticed one member was acting erratically. The victim, who was the chair of the meeting was trying to call law enforcement when the suspect grabbed the man in a choke hold and cut his face and neck.

Attempted murder during AA meeting

How Alcoholics Anonymous Costs You In Court

Two months ago, a guy in North Carolina became suicidal after getting liquored up at his home. The situation escalated after police and the man’s AA sponsor arrived, and ended with the guy laying dead on the ground with a bullet hole through his chest. Yesterday the autopsy results were released, which showed that this guy’s blood alcohol content was above the lethal amount. He should have already been dead by the time the deputies arrived, but somehow he was still able to function. Here is an article about the incident.

The fact that this guy is now dead is obviously a tragic consequence, but looking further into this story reveals other failures, as well. Toward the end of the article, the reporter cites some previous arrests of this victim – including DUI, public intoxication, assault on a female and carrying a concealed weapon. These are not all of this guy’s convictions or arrests. There were two additional arrests for impaired driving, one resulting in a conviction (1990), and the other in a suspended sentence (1997). In four of these cases, he was compelled to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

This is an example of how AA is not a benign organization. This man is a victim of AA in two ways. One is their failure as a program for sobriety, and the other is in how AA conducts itself in relation to our court systems. This man had obvious psychological problems that extend beyond alcoholism. Problems that AA is ill-equipped to handle, and are actually more likely to exacerbate. A sponsor who is untrained in counseling, and who is very likely to be unbalanced himself — coupled with the collective idea that medication is poison, becomes a toxic mix for a person with psychological problems. Treating this man’s anger – which was likely the result of a chemical imbalance in his brain – with shame, resentment lists, suppression of his feelings and divine intervention; instead of with real psychological help, is the standard AA approach. An AA slogan is often said, but never applied, comes to mind. This guy needed a “check-up from the neck up”. What he got instead was a religious program that fails almost everyone who walks through the door. A program that had already failed him multiple times. AA is not required to accept anyone as part of a court mandate. I wish they wouldn’t have accepted this guy, and would have instead forced the court to find other methods of treatment – real, psychological treatment that someone who is mentally ill deserves. Maybe this tragedy could have been avoided.

I wanted to write about this case, because I wanted to isolate a specific example of how AA costs everyone, beyond the most obvious thing, and that is loss of life. There is a cost AA’s high failure rate. Putting an exact dollar figure is impossible. Factor in the hourly rate of those involved in the multiple arrests, court appearances, jailhouse stays and legal fees for this person — and it will give you some idea of what the costs are to you and me in terms of tax dollars. Multiply this by tens of thousands of cases, and you begin to get an idea of how this impacts everyone. It does not matter that an AA chapter passes around a collection plate, and accepts no outside contributions. That is not what costs you and me. We lose out from AA’s failure, and their inability to accept the idea that they are not a solution to almost every new member, or in this case, returning member.

Sentenced to AA

Recently, a guy was shot to death while trying to rob an AA group in South Carolina. The shooter was an AA old-timer. An attorney who has remained sober since 1981, who was lawfully carrying a concealed weapon, and I think rightfully defending himself. The first question that came to my mind was why this AAer felt he needed to carry a gun to that meeting in the first place. It seems to me that if God helping this guy fix up his character flaws and stay away from the sauce, the least he could do was protect these steppers from being shot in a meeting. Couldn’t he have just added “please don’t let me get shot today” to his prayer and meditation?

This story, along with the story the FTG postedgot me thinking about what type of people attend AA meetings. Most people I know in AA are nice folks, even those zealots who have drank the religious kool-aid. AA’s policy is that they will accept any person who has a desire to quit drinking, which really should be amended to include the many AAers who have been ordered by the courts to attend. AA is free, so it costs nothing to send a person convicted of a crime to AA – at least not in terms of fees. It does cost in terms it being ineffective, and as a result those who attend to receive treatment wind up back where they started, and back in the court system. The revolving door of AA costs society an unthinkable amount of money.

Most AA meetings will include those who are not there by choice, but are there to get their “cards signed” as proof that they attended, and fufilled their sentencing requirement. One might assume these consist mostly of those convicted of impaired driving, but that isn’t the case. AA has become a dumping ground for criminals of every stripe, from wife beaters to off duty cops who beat the hell out of a fireman. Often, AA is used as pre-sentencing condition to prove to the court that a defendant is serious about getting help, as with this man who raped a 13 year old girl. The abuse excuse is alive an well in the courts, and AA has become the catch-all anecdote to just about any crime. Drunk drivers, wife beaters, muggers, robbers and a host of others have all found their absolution in AA. Blame it on the booze and you are almost certain of lessening your accountability, but you will ironically be forced to attend AA, who will hold you accountable for everything.

Some of the old-timers are among these scoundrals who were sentenced to AA and found religion. With time, these people become the leaders of various AA chapters. People who have failed at everything in their lives can thrive in AA. They become the sponsors, the arm twisters, the 13th steppers of the group. People who would never be allowed a license to become a therapist are counted among those who manipulate and control the lives of others. One might also think that there is shame in being sentenced to AA, but that is not always the case. Drunkalogs among the old-timers often become a pissing match as to who was the biggest scumbag before they found the religion of AA. This is when I have to actually agree with one AA slogan – “Take the alcohol out an asshole, and you still have an asshole”.

I don’t own a gun, and I’m not a big gun guy – but I don’t blame this guy for packing heat in his meeting. With AA, you never know who you might run into.

Sentenced to AA