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Irish CrAAzy

Edward C is an AA in Ireland with one hell of a resentment. It seems he showed up an AA meeting with the intention of stabbing a pedophile. I suppose if that is your objective, then an AA meeting is as good of a place as any to find one.

The sad part of this story is that this guy, who needs real psychological help, is instead given 12-step quackery.

Alcoholic Vigilante to be Sentenced for Assault on Shop worker

AA Does Not Stand For ‘African American’

Almost six years ago, AA God™ was so busy providing serenity to the members of an AA group in Pittsfield, Massachusetts; that he he got

SIOGA Club President and racist, Douglas Malins

distracted and let their building burn down. The SIOGA Club, which stands for “Sobriety Is Our Greatest Asset,” has been without a home ever since. Shortly after the fire, the group bought another building, and began the process of sprucing it up with the help of volunteer labor, and started soliciting donations from outside sources. I’m not sure how begging for money fits in with tradition number seven, which states that they decline outside contributions, but I’ll admit that I’m not an expert in “rigorous honesty.”

Last year, SIOGA Club President, Douglas Malins, was all giddy over the prospect of the opening of the new building – but they were out of money. What better way to raise it than with a public appeal in a free puff piece from the local newspaper:

It’s been a long road but Malins, president of the non-profit organization, can see the beginning of the end — except it’s 30 days and $35,000 to $40,000 away.

“Basically, right now we’re broke,” he said. “We’re so close. If we had the money … .”

That is close! It gets even more frustrating, considering that he would have had $10K to spare himself, had he not been forced to pay it in a settlement from a racial discrimination suit against him:

The complaint, which was filed in 2005, alleges that property manager Douglas Malins prohibited a tenant’s grandson, who is biracial, from visiting her apartment and that he interfered with the tenant’s right to have African-American guests at her apartment.

So, I suppose it must cost more to renovate a building when you have to double up on everything. You know, separate restrooms and drinking fountains, and all of those signs designating “whites” and “coloreds” aren’t going to paint themselves for free. Fortunately for Douglas M, some donation money came through, and they were able to open their doors this week.

Meet Francine Stone: Freedom House Secretary

I know, I know…you can’t get enough of our ongoing series on Freedom House in Kalispell, Montana – and since we are here to placate our target audience of serenityless resentillians, we figured, “what the hell, let’s meet the Freedom House board of directors!”

Today, we’re profiling Francine Stone, aka inmate #3003107. She bears a striking resemblance to Weird Al Yankovic after three-day drunk, with the only discernible difference being the tattoo of a pit bull that Francine has on her left shoulder. Her hobbies include meditating, serenity searching, and obstructing justice. Currently a resident of Montana, Francine has also lived in California, where she was also in trouble with the law. Hey, let’s play a game! Whatcha think she was busted for in Oakland? I’ll send out a complimentary amends letter for anyone guesses correctly.

In another development, Randall Marr was sprung from the big house last night. I hope he doesn’t celebrate by tying one on. I hear he’s an angry drunk.


Anonymity – a cornerstone of the AA program, which is steadfastly protected, unless breaking it will serve a greater purpose for an individual AA, or AA as a whole – in which case it is dropped like a bad habit.

Among the most important and revered traditions of AA is the practice of anonymity. To any reasonable person it should seem like a good idea, and on its surface, it is — but like with all things AA, they have taken this simple concept, bastardized its meaning, and nefariously use it in ways ranging from the exploitation of others for the greater good of the organization, to an excuse for absolving themselves of accountability. Like their other traditions, anonymity is used selectively, and only when it is of benefit to a member or the group; but it is quickly tossed aside when their AA affiliation will help them in some way. Take a look: Continue reading Anonymity

A Lesson In ‘Rigorous Honesty’

Among the words we have included in our Addictionary tab, is the term “rigorous honesty”. We have defined it as:

1) dishonesty and manipulation; 2) telling a lie with your fingers crossed; 3) habitual lying.

Of course, all of these are true, but rigorous honesty is more than just blatant manipulation. It encompasses so many things within AA, from how to recruit a “prospect”, to re-defining commonly used terms in order to fit AA’s objectives, to working around its own traditions in order to suit its purposes. It can all get quite confusing. Continue reading A Lesson In ‘Rigorous Honesty’


Last year, we posted a story about Herbert Jones, a deluded 12-stepper who showed up outside of a Portland, Maine AA meeting with a sniper rifle and a load of resentment toward pedophiles. Obviously, we don’t condone his actions, but I do give him credit for his strategy. I mean, if you are deluded, and your goal is to snipe off a pedophile, randomly spraying bullets into a crowd of AAs is like shooting fish in a barrel. You’re bound to pick off at least one, maybe two.

Recently, under a plea agreement, Herbert J was sent to a mental hospital, where he will hopefully get some proper treatment. There was no disagreement between the judge, prosecutors or the defense attorney as to whether or not this guy is mentally ill. I doubt anyone reading the facts of the case would disagree. He was, after all, receiving messages directly from God, and believed that he was on a divine mission at the time of his arrest. I doubt any reasonable person, understanding the facts of the case, would disagree with the fact that this guy is deluded, and that he needs psychological help. Continue reading Godpuppetry