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Child’s Journal Describes Repeated Rape by AA Members

Girl Kept Detailed Diary of Rapes by Mother’s Boyfriend

BURLINGTON, Vermont – An English woman has been charged with aggravated sexual assault on a child after the discovery that her 7-year-old daughter kept a diary in which she noted when she was forced to have sex with her mother’s boyfriend.

Burnham said Parnitzke was born in England but was a permanent resident of the United States. Parnitzke and her daughter moved to Vermont in 2004, but Parnitzke sent the girl to live with her father in 2006.

The father went to police in October after the 11-year-old girl told him that while living in England, Parnitzke would bring men home from Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and let them rape her beginning when she was 5.

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Keep Coming Back!

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Why do “our betters”… I mean,  AA members protect the anonymity of child molesters and rapists? Who benefits from that policy?

Rapist: Lifelong Restriction Order

ROBERT Foye, 31, raped a 16-year-old girl in Cumbernauld in 2007 while on the run from an open prison.

He was serving a ten-year sentence for the attempted murder of a policeman and had been allowed out of Castle Huntly open prison, Tayside, to attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

He had been sent to the open prison after serving five years for driving at a detective, despite being classed as at high risk of reoffending and having previously gone on the run from jail.
Two police forces were involved in the attempt to track him down but six days after he was reported missing, Foye attacked the teenager in Cumbernauld.

The judge in the rape case decided Foye was so dangerous that he should receive an order for lifelong restriction, under which he could be detained until the parole board deemed it safe to free him.

The court heard that Foye had planned the sex attack for some time and prepared a “rape kit” to help subdue his victim.

It was also told that he had been guilty of a previous sex attack committed when he was 15, although all of those claims were denied by his defence QC, Paul McBride.

Foye was told that he must serve at least nine years before the parole board could consider him for release.

Lance Glock is still an abusive, manipulative scumbag

Three months ago we posted this story about Lance Glock, an AA who runs the Johnson Sober Living House, a 12-step recovery mill that this ass clown uses to farm sexual victims. The charges were dropped last week, after the victim refused to testify. At the time of his arrest I wrote:

Not knowing the facts of the case, I have no opinion as to whether this guy committed a crime or not, but I do know that at a minimum he abused his authority and status in AA in order to receive sex from an AA subordinate who was not his wife. Even if this is not rape, it is 13th stepping to the degree of which Bill Wilson would be proud.

This has not changed. Even though the charges have been dropped because the alleged victim would not testify, it does not change the basic facts of the case. The facts are that this married jackass abused his authority to prey on a woman seeking help with her addiction. He abused the trust that he was given, in order to gain sexual favors, which is the nature of 13th stepping.

Today we got a comment from “Truthseeker“. It’s in all caps, which I guess is supposed to make his point that much clearer:


His logic seems a little flawed to me. Assuming this jackass did not rape the woman, and instead only fucked her, is not a validation that the system worked. He didn’t kill her or pick her pockets, either. So what? He is still a predator.

13th Stepping North Carolina Style

Douglas LePage is an AA in North Carolina who was convicted of drugging and raping a 14-year old girl. In this case, he laced the girl’s banana cream pie with clonazepam and benzos, and sneaked into the guest room where the girl was sleeping, where he sexually assaulted her. His wife, who he had also drugged, lay passed out in her bed at the time.

This was not the first time LePage had done this type of thing, of course. He had honed his molestation skills in AA, where picked up another AA, who was sixteen years old, and who he eventually molested:

“At trial, the State presented the following evidence pursuant to N.C. Gen. Stat. § 8C-1 Rule, 404(b). First, the trial court offered the testimony of B.E. B.E. testified that in July 2006, when she was sixteen years old, she met Defendant at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Within a few months of becoming friends with Defendant, Defendant began to discuss his sexual problems with B.E. Defendant told her that he could no longer have sex because he had injected drugs into his groin. However, Defendant told B.E. that he could “make [B.E.] feel like a woman, meaning perform oral sex [on her], touch [her], protrude [sic] [her] in other ways.” Defendant told B.E. that he did not have a problem with her age because “it’s legal in North Carolina.” B.E. ended her relationship with Defendant because she “got scared.” Defendant contends that the ‘trial court erred in admitting this evidence because it was not sufficiently similar to the charged offenses.'”

This an interesting take the ‘amends steps’ 8 and 9.

As they say in AA, “some are sicker than others”, and this scumbag is about as sick as it gets. It seems that in addition to drugging underage girls he seduces in AA meetings, he enjoys drugging family members so he can molest them, as well:

“The State also presented a videotape displaying sexual activity involving Defendant and his female cousin, L.E. The video was taken during the time Defendant left his home and went to stay with L.E. in Ohio. In the video, Defendant can be seen inserting objects into L.E.’s vagina. L.E. did not appear to be conscious during the activity, and she testified at trial that she did not remember the activity. L.E. also testified that she did not consent to the activity and that she remembered being ill and vomiting during Defendant’s visit.”

Fortunately, this piece of garbage will continue his AA spiritual growth in a North Carolina prison, where he will be spending the next 27 to 34 years. No doubt he will find plenty AA meetings behind bars, but maybe this time the person getting 13th stepped will be him.

The Cults Within The Cult of Alcoholics Anonymous

The Midtown group of Alcoholics Anonymous was rogue, even by AA’s standards. The Q group, which took its name from its leader, Michael Quinones, is a more of extreme example of what happens within the loose structure of AA. 13th stepping is common practice within AA, but this group took it from an art form, to criminal. Here is a quote taken from this reprint of an article from The Washington Post. This is only one example cited in the article:

Kristen, now 26, said that for eight years, she was “passed along” from one middle-aged male leader of Midtown to another. She said her sponsor urged her to have sex with Quinones — widely known as Mike Q. — as a way to solidify her sobriety and spiritual revival. Kristen, who spoke on the condition that her last name not be used in keeping with AA traditions, also recalled helping to persuade other teenage girls to sleep with older men in the group.

“I pimped my sponsees out to sponsors,” she said, referring to the AA members who agree to watch over a fellow member’s sobriety. “I encouraged them to sleep with their sponsors because I really believed that this would help with their sobriety.”

In addition to 13th stepping, the article describes the more common practice of AAs being encouraged by their sponsors to stop taking doctor prescribed medications:

That young woman told The Washington Post that her sponsor in Midtown refused to continue as her adviser if the woman kept taking prescription medications. The sponsor also directed her to stop seeing a therapist ” ‘because you need one clear voice — your sponsor’s,’ ” the woman said.

This is a frightening story, and is covered in greater depth in this article from Newsweek magazine.

So, what was the reaction to this from those within AA? Continue reading The Cults Within The Cult of Alcoholics Anonymous