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The Jim B. Episode, Revised and Expanded

If you’ve been a regular, you’ll notice that I took down the last two posts on the subject of Jim Bock and the Sponsorship Group in Chatham, NJ. I want to be clear that the episode detailed in those posts did not drive us to close the blog, so I’m going to tell the story again with more clarity.

Now then:

There is someone leaving comments on forums around the internet about someone named Jim Bock who runs the Sponsorship Group in Chatham, New Jersey. They’re hit-n-run cut/paste comments that look like this:

One of the all time most pathetic and dangerous AA groups ever is based out of Chatham NJ. They are called the Sponsorship Group and their leader is Jim B.

Dictator Jim B. and his disciples have been ruining the lives of young women since at least 2000. To call what they do “13th Stepping” would be a compliment. Imagine a group of people with no medical or psyciatric training that tell people how and why they need to stop taking necessary medication! It’s a disgrace. People have suffered and in some cases are dead as a direct result of this groups actions!

Jim B. and his disciples at the Sponsorship Group all have SG tatoo on their wrists and live by the rules of Jim B. He takes advatage of people who are in need of help. He should be charged with mental abuse and should have to register as a sex offender. He will experience KARMA soon.

A few of these comments appeared here (using the full last name), buried in the discussion section of random posts, and they were not on my radar.

So, last week, I received an email from Jim Bock that looked like this:  Continue reading The Jim B. Episode, Revised and Expanded

The Rigorously Honest Head Shrink

In another puff piece about the play about Bill and Dr Bob that is sweeping the AA world, this one out of Oz, a shrink and 12-step advocate (likely and AA himself) is tossed some softball questions by the journalist writing the piece (also likely an AA himself). Here, the doc explains the difference between spiritual and religious:

A stockbroker and doctor walk into a bar

Jurd and Bergman agree the biggest misconception about AA is that it’s a religious cult. ”AA is spiritual. There’s a chasm of difference between religious and spiritual,” Jurd says. Presented with the adage that religion is for people who don’t want to go to hell while spirituality is for people who don’t want to go back there, he concurs.

A chasm of difference? Well, I guess the good doctor will explain it so we can all understand:

”Yeah, I suppose. It doesn’t demand you believe in God. ”It merely suggests you remember you’re not God yourself. Because that’s what alcoholics do in trying to beat alcohol by willpower. They’re playing God. Unsuccessfully.”

So, AA doesn’t demand a belief in God. It just demands an acquiescence to the will of a God one does not believe in.


Happy April Fools Day!

Pigasus Awards Announced!

The JREF promotes critical thinking through grants for outstanding educators, scholarships to inspire skeptical students, and annual conferences showcasing the best of skeptical thought—but every April Fools Day, we honor the five worst offenders who are intentionally or unintentionally pulling the wool over the public’s eyes.

This year’s “winners”: NASA Engineer Richard B. Hoover, CVS/pharmacy, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Televangelist Peter Popoff, and, finally, Andrew Wakefield, father of the vaccine-panic industry. Find out why they won at


I thought I’d add this fool to the April Fools Day post:


Quack Update

Update: Michael Hawkins, the student who got his blog shut down by WordPress, got his blog back!