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Irigorous Honesty

The Des Moines Register published a review of another play about Bill W and Dr Bob, and the founding of AA. As with all of these plays, it is a little loose with facts, as is the review itself, which describes Bill Wilson as “a hard-charging Wall Street financial analyst who loses a fortune in the 1929 crash.” It gets even more absurd:

Together they start to question the myths about alcoholism that were widespread at the time, namely that it was a moral weakness rather than a medical disease with specific symptoms, and more important, a course of treatment. Suddenly, they see the light.

Theater Review: Play chronicles struggles of AA founders.

I think not. Not only is this not true, but the facts are completely the opposite of this. The myths created about alcoholism – namely that it is a ‘moral disease’, was created by AA itself; and the AA solution is to treat it as a moral weakness. This is just stunningly bad journalism.

It goes on to describe the question and answer session put on by a couple of AA hucksters and the sponsor of the play, the Powell Chemical Dependency Center at Iowa Lutheran Hospital.

This treatment centre’s website describes their “aftercare program”:

Aftercare – Powell CDC offers multiple, volunteer-led, aftercare growth groups with people in recovery to stay connected on a regular basis with others who are recovering too.

I’ll give you one guess as to what “volunteer-led aftercare growth groups with people in recovery” entails. What a beautiful display of AA’s “program of attraction, not promotion” tradition!