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Acquittal for Pinconning Serenity Hornet

Stanley M. “Mike” Milostan, the AA who shot a woman and fellow stepper multiple times after she went after him with a ball-peen hammer, has been acquitted of assault with intent to commit murder. He was convicted of possession of marijuana with intent to deliver and possession of a firearm in the commission of felony.

My guess is the jury found it difficult to pick the truth out of the victim’s and defendant’s stories, because they were both so obviously full of shit. However, it does look like they bought the victim’s story that she was prostituting herself to Mike M. in exchange for drugs. He’s still being held in the pokey, awaiting his sentencing for that dastardly deed.

What are the odds that, when it comes time for sentencing, this asshole’s AA brethren will come crawling out of the woodwork to tell the judge what a spiritual giant he is?

Jury acquits Pinconning man of attempted murder….

Serenity Searching With Chuck W.

Charles A Williams, Jr., an AA in New York with a scorching case of resentment, has been sentenced to five years of probation. Chuck is a serenity thief, who abused his position as Highway Superintendent by using town workers as his personal construction and landscaping crew. Shortly after his arrest, he threatened to shoot the local district attorney – for which he spent 97 days in the pokey:

No jail time for ex-Patterson highway chief

As part of the sentence, Williams, 47, will serve no jail time, having already spent 97 days at the county jail after threatening to shoot Putnam County District Attorney Adam Levy soon after his February 2010 arrest. Williams, who resigned from his elected $89,000-a-year job this past February when he pleaded guilty to a single count of second-degree grand larceny, will be on probation for five years, less the 97 days served in jail.

Visiting state Supreme Court Justice Albert Lorenzo also ordered a curfew for the first year of probation that requires Williams to be at his East Branch Road home from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m., except for Fridays, when he can stay out to 10 p.m. to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

Williams ‘ home at 699 E. Branch Road was at the center of the corruption case after state police and prosecutors said he used town workers on town time to put an addition on the home and landscape around his pool. He also used town mechanics to fix his personal vehicles on town time and stole $12,000 in gas from the Highway Department.

Nicely done, Chuck!

Quote of the Day

“…drinking or drug use is inevitable unless the person stays in meetings until the insanity stops….”

Ben Brown, an AA who is still going to meetings after 40 years, commenting on how there is not exit strategy in AA.

Quote of the Day

”They taught me to smoke cigarettes, drink coffee and play spades.”

Deb H., an AA, in reference to what the old-timers taught her at age 15, when she joined Alcoholics Anonymous.

Quote of the Week: McGowdog

“The only reason why God is mentioned at all, is because without God, alcoholics perish. But, it’s not good to present that fact until the alcoholic sees the hopelessness of their condition in the 1st Step” – McGowdog (Stinkin’ Thinkin’ reader and AA zealot)

“It all goes back to building our Program on a Truth or a lie.”
– Also McGowdog, written less than twelve hours after the first quote.

"Sometimes your brain needs washing"

Bullshit slogan of the day:
“Sometimes your brain needs washing”

The AA faithful have an amazing ability to deny the obvious. Saying an organization is not religious, while teaching written commandments that tell the flock that they must turn their lives over to God, is a good example of this absurdity. I believe that if The Big Book wrote that it never rains, a person could have an argument in a rainstorm with an AAer who is declaring it be sunny and balmy. An AAer will also tell you that AA is not cult, while in the same breath tell you that “there is nothing wrong with brainwashing if your brain needs washing”. This saying is big with the old-timers, and it goes along well with its ugly cousin “you need a check-up from the neck up”.

This blog was referenced below under “related blogs” titled “What I get out of the twelve steps”. This quote is typical:

“Someone asked me what I get out of the 12 Steps. Well, I get faith, serenity, happiness, friendship, comradery out of the 12 Steps. I know most people will think I am brain washed, but you know what I heard a great line: Sometimes our brains need a good washing. I’ll take positive brain washing to being an active addict any day of theweek.”