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Stepper Arrested for Murder of Fiancè

Eric Earle, serenity hornet extraordinaire, wrote this on his facebook wall last month:

“YA WELL ………………seven days and life is alot[sic] better thanks to the love of my life ,,,,,meeting”S[sic] and sposorsship[sic] it works if you work it…”

Prior to that, he was in and out of AA – always with a new spiritual awakening. He wrote this, which sounds like it was taken out of a drunkalog manual, back in April:

“IT is easier to see now,as i look back on my life today and my drinking , that from the very beginning alcohol had been a part of every disaster in my life .I saw my alcohoism[sic] took me to new depths of disgrace, embarrassment and despair. i have found out above all i am healing spirtually[sic].

He was arrested a couple of days ago after “the love of his life,” who he picked up at an AA meeting, was found dead in their bed:

Boyfriend arrested in killing a woman

Earle’s Facebook page paints the picture of a man battling addiction with the help of Brada. The two attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings together and got a dog together, according to his recent Facebook activity.

“Yes, I am back into recovery, and it feels great,” Earle wrote on July 28. “Four days and lots of meetings thank you God for another chance. …”

Earle announced on Facebook that he and Brada were engaged July 29.

Seven days later, on Aug. 5, Earle was arrested on suspicion of corporal injury against a cohabitant and released on bond, according to county arrest records.

Earle was charged Aug. 22 with misdemeanor vandalism stemming from the incident, according to county court records. Earle allegedly “maliciously damaged and destroyed” the window of a sheriff’s patrol car, causing damage over $400, according to the Los Angeles Superior Court complaint.


Albert Birmingham is accused of getting liquored up and killing Aloha Adams with his car in a McDonald-s drive-thru Nanakuli, Hawaii:

Driver indicted in Nānākuli death

Witnesses told police that Birmingham was honking his SUV’s horn at the vehicle carrying Adams and others, which was in front of Birmingham in the drive-through lane at McDonald’s.

Adams and a 15-year-old girl got out of their car after Adams’ boyfriend became involved in a confrontation with Birmingham, police said.

Birmingham’s car allegedly accelerated and struck Adams and the girl, according to police reports.

Adams was run over by the front and rear tires of the SUV, according to Kapp.

This week, he got arrested for impaired driving and driving without a license. Of course, there is no need to worry, because Albert B. is a member of AA. His lawyer used the “I’m in Alcoholics Anonymous” card to try and spring his client from the joint. You know…because it’s worked so well for him up to now:

Grieving mom sounds off on killer’s new DUI arrest
“The defense argued that Birmingham was attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and was no longer driving.”

The judge, who is apparently ignorant of how rigorous honesty™ is supposed to work*, denied this assclown bail (yea, judge!).


*It’s the truth if you really want it to be the truth, and if it is convenient at the time.

AA Sponsor Protects Sponsee Who Confessed To Murder

Last October, I posted about how AAs use or break their tradition of anonymity to suit their purposes: Anonymity. This falls into the category of “using anonymity to protect each other from accountability.” Only someone under the twisted spell AA produces in people could rationalize their complicity in this crime. Principles before personalities, ya know:

Bob Ryder charged with killing Danita Brown

LEWISTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — A man who lives in the building where the body of 38-year-old Danita Brown’s body was found has been charged with killing her.

Brown’s body was found in the basement of the building Tuesday.

According to the police affidavit, Bob Ryder, 21, told his Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor that he had killed Brown by hitting her in the head with a wooden clock. His sponsor waited two and a half weeks before calling police because he was worried about breaking AA’s confidentiality agreement.

And the beat goes on….

Kentucky AA Kills Wife

David O’Donnell has both a resentment and an anger problem. Last year, after assaulting his wife, he was sentenced to AA. Problem solved, right? Wrong. She was found dead a couple of months later:

Husband pleads guilty to wife’s slaying
O’Donnell had an active protective order issued against him, barring him from having any unlawful contact with his wife. That meant the couple could be together, but police would have more leverage if any illegal activity was taking place, police said.

The order alleged that O’Donnell had assaulted his wife in June and had an alcohol and drug abuse problem.

After the June assault, an emergency protective order barring him from any contact was issued, court records show. But in July, a less restrictive order was issued that required O’Donnell to attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings four times a week.

Keep coming back!

Is Alcoholics Anonymous a religion? Sometimes.

If you ever get bored one day, and want an exercise in futility, find an AAer and ask them to pin down exactly what they believe AA to be. My experience in this shows me that answer will be situational, and depending on the objective of the AA member, it is anything from a “fellowship” to a “support group” to “therapy”. It becomes like a psychological game of three-card monte, and can be a maddening experience.

One thing to which they will rarely admit, is that it is a religious organization. This gets particularly frustrating for anyone who has ever attended a meeting, as it is overtly religious – from the citing of the twelve-steps, to the reading of the Lord’s Prayer. This fact was never an issue in the early days of AA, before the courts fully embraced the establishment clause of The Constitution. This is from a 1939 article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

“There is no blinking the fact that Alcoholics Anonymous, the amazing society of ex-drunks who have cured each other of an incurable disease, is religious. Its members have cured each other frankly with the help of God. Every cured member of the Cleveland Fellowship of the society, like every cured member of the other chapters now established in Akron, New York, and elsewhere in the country, is cured with the admission that he submitted his plight wholeheartedly to a Power Greater than Himself.

He has admitted his conviction that science cannot cure him, that he cannot control his pathological craving for alcohol himself, and that he cannot be cured by the prayers, threats, or pleas of his family, employers, or friends. His cure is a religious experience. He had to have God’s aid. He had to submit to a spiritual housecleaning.”

Back in the early days, AA’s religious principles were just as overt as they were today, but they were less of an issue. Not until courts began ruling that the state cannot impose organized religion on an individual, did AA fully embrace the “it’s spiritual, not religious” doublespeak. Sure, it was used Continue reading Is Alcoholics Anonymous a religion? Sometimes.