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Sexual Device Assault

Carolee Bildsten is an AA in Illinois who pulled the “dine and dash” routine at a Joe’s Crab Shack. I supposed she figured that since she has given crabs to so many others, it is about time for someone to reciprocate. When the police found her down the street, and took her to her apartment to get some cash to pay her tab, she attacked a cop with – I shit you not – a vibrator:

Police say Bildsten is charged with theft and aggravated assault for walking out on a restaurant tab Nov. 9, then using the plastic sex toy to attack an officer who was trying to collect the money.

I swear, you can’t make this stuff up.

Bond revoked again in assault case

Sex Toy Assault: Woman Attack Cop With ‘Pleasure Device’

Keeping Up With Doug E

Douglas Ehret is an AA with a bit of an anger problem, and a rap sheet longer than Tony J’s resentment list. This, of course, isn’t unusual. What is unusual, is the authorities in BC decided to keep this nutjob in jail after he got caught breaking the terms of his parole:

A parolee who police said could be a danger to women has had his statutory release revoked and will remain in prison.

Douglas Ehret, 45, was arrested in October after the Victoria parole office decided he posed an undue risk to the community.

Victoria police issued a rare public warning when Ehret was released on Sept. 23 because of his lengthy criminal record. Ehret’s record includes convictions for attempted forcible confinement, break and enter, and assault.

Police said he had a history of randomly targeting women who were alone. On two occasions, he tried to lure female real estate agents to vacant homes in B.C.’s Interior.

Ehret was re-arrested because he violated a parole condition that forced him to report all interactions with girls or women to his parole officer, according to a written decision by the National Parole Board.

According to the documents, Ehret accepted a ride home with a woman after an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, tried to book a massage with a woman at a spa, and had a profile on an Internet dating website.

Fortunately, this woman in AA was not (yet) victimized by this asshole. Of course, if she had been, she could have made her way to this blog, where our resident AA commenters can tell her how resentful she is, and how she could worry about keeping her side of the street clean.

Parolee poses risk, must stay in prison

Harvie’s Wallbanger

Harvie Morrow is not much on traditions. Especially the 11th tradition of AA, which in a fit of rigorous honesty™, he has decided does not apply to him. Here is a puff piece in The Marlborough Express in New Zealand, where Harvie poses for picture of him pouring a cup of tea, and describes how it only took ten years for AA God™ to finally stop jacking with him and give him the serenity needed to put down that cocktail. Of course, it’s just for one day at a time, and only as long as you attend meetings:

“I’ve been coming for 25 years and, of course, initially I had some ups and downs, but the last 15 years have been plain sailing,” said a smiling Harvie, who underlined the importance of regular attendance at meetings.

“I once heard of someone asking how long they had to attend meetings for and they were told: `As long as you want to’.”

This, Harvie said, summed up the nature of the disease – and the programmes available to help fight it. A renewed commitment is needed every day because the desire to have another drink will always be there.

Serenity Meltdown in Virginia

Darrell Robertson, an AA in Virginia, seems to have a bit of a temper:

RUSTBURG — A Campbell County man who went on a rampage in April 2009, burning down his sister’s home, then breaking into an ex-girlfriend’s home and beating her with a shotgun, was sentenced in circuit court Friday to 13 years in prison. Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Beth Doucette called 40-year-old Darrell Robertson “an extreme danger to the community,” and noted he had previously knocked out his own mother’s front teeth in a fight and threatened to burn down her home, too. According to testimony in an earlier hearing, Robertson came to his sister’s home on Bear Creek Road on April 13 from an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting with a bottle of vodka, “dead drunk,” Doucette said. Robertson punched his sister in the mouth. When she left, he burned down her home.

This was the second time this jackass has gone into a serenity meltdown. The first time he received a suspended sentence, no doubt because he started going to AA and turned his life around. Now he can attend meetings behind, but he’ll almost certainly be back in the rooms when he gets out.

Keep Coming Back!

Campbell County man sentenced for beating, arson

Serenity Fight!

Maybe I’m too easily amused, but I got a real chuckle over a serenity fight between two competing AA travel outfits. They’re a couple of groups who took the idea of not making a profit with AA, and twisting it in a way that allows them to make a profit off of AA.

Sober Celebrations” offers “sober cruises,” where a bunch of thumpers get together and celebrate their serenity. Imagine the purgatory of being stuck on a boat full of these people. Within ten minutes I’d praying to hit an iceberg. If anything, it would make me grateful that I’m not them. Sober Celebrations also offer what they call “Gratitude Vacations,” which seem nothing more than the standard packaged deals one can find at any travel agency, but are re-named so they can appeal to the AA flock. It’s quite ingenious when you think about it.

Their competitor, “Sober Concierge Services,” offers up the same type of deals. But it seems they’re turning Snow P, the AA running the show over at Sober Celebrations, into a real serenity hornet. Apparently, Sober Concierge plagiarized the words from the Sober Travelers site, and it got this Serenity Angel rip roaring mad. She even tweeted about it. This was written on their sober travel blog:

“I can’t believe the nerve of sober concierge who stole my writing off my website and put it word for word as their first page. How do some people look at themselves in the mirror? It’s amazing. I sent them an email two years ago and they said they would change it and never did. What, nobody there can figure out how to write a paragraph on sober travel???? Would you go on a vacation with someone who doesn’t even know what they are offering well enough to write about it? I wouldn’t!”

Fortunately for Snow Pee, she has let go of her resentments, or else she would be REALLY angry. Sober Concierge has still not taken the words off of their site, no doubt citing the difference between regular honesty and rigorous honesty as their reasons for not doing so.

This whole thing has given me a great marketing idea for myself: Serenity Court. It’s like The People’s Court, but with more slogans, and the witnesses swear on the ‘Big Book’. I could even ask Sober Celebrations to be one of my sponsors, but I’m a bit hesitant to do that, as they might tell me to do a couple of step fives and call them every day.


ps. I was going to add a picture to this post, but I googled “crazy cruise,” and all I got was Tom jumping around on Oprah’s couch.

Speaking for God

Just when I think that I’ve heard the most inane thing that could possibly be said by a person, an AA comes along and sets the bar just a little higher. This time it was set by “Daytrader” and “Boleo,” a couple of AAs at the Sober Recovery forum. Daytrader started the conversation:

“Heard this on a AA convention recording (downloaded from XA – “The Usual Suspects – Sandy B and Jerry J)…. and thought it might be worth posting.

It came during a Q&A with Sandy B. from Tampa

The question: If God can relieve us from this fatal disease of alcoholism, why doesn’t he relieve others suffering from the same disease or from other maladies?

Sandy’s answer: God relieves us of our fatal disease BECAUSE we become entirely willing to HAVE God remove the problem. It doesn’t get removed UNTIL we do that. So, unless someone is SEEKING a spiritual experience, it can’t get in (God can’t come inside in order for the relief to happen)….”

So, according to Sandy B., those who aren’t relieved of their ailments are only in that condition because they have not asked God™, or were not sincere enough. Got it. This is confirmed by Boleo, who wrote:

“I don’t know who said it first;

‘God is such a gentleman, he will not go where he is not invited’.”

Please…put me out of my misery. I can’t stand the stupid!

Quote of the Day

“And that is a shame that some would spend their time in futile resentment trying to mislabel AA as some religious cult. I have seen some others ex-AA’ers with the same vendetta trying to sway others with their copy and paste twisting meanings. Most of them anti-God Christian hating atheists authors trying to mock AA’ers as brainwashed people when that is the farthest from the truth….”

Nite Byrd, an AA, commenting on this post made about the term “Dry Drunk.”

(I posted the link to a frozen page because I have no doubt the original thread and the link to our site might soon be deleted.)

Pressing The Mute’s Buttons

A couple of months ago I wrote this post about AA’s tradition of anonymity, and how AAs use it (and break it) to suit their purposes. Among the reasons for breaking anonymity that I wrote about, were for spin control, and as as an abuse excuse. After reading this op-ed in the Cape Cod Times, I felt compelled to add a third reason: as an appeal for sympathy in order to bilk the good people of Massachusetts out of some more tax money. Continue reading Pressing The Mute’s Buttons

I Got Nuthin’

I promised FTG that I would hold the fort while she is busy “trimming her tree,” or  ho-ho-hoing, or decking her halls with gay apparel, or whatever she does to entertain herself during the Christmas season – and I have failed miserably. I’m just jolly as all get-out, and I can’t find it in me to even think about those 12-step knuckleheads. So, with that in mind, enjoy this yuletide classic from SNL while I try and get my AA-bashing act back together again:

Irish CrAAzy

Edward C is an AA in Ireland with one hell of a resentment. It seems he showed up an AA meeting with the intention of stabbing a pedophile. I suppose if that is your objective, then an AA meeting is as good of a place as any to find one.

The sad part of this story is that this guy, who needs real psychological help, is instead given 12-step quackery.

Alcoholic Vigilante to be Sentenced for Assault on Shop worker