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Mata and Moreno Update

Remember officers Mata and Moreno, the two NYC cops who were acquitted of the charges that they raped a drunk woman whom they had been called to help? The story was of interest to us because Moreno used the 12 Step get out of jail free card, claiming that he is in recovery from alcoholism and stuck around to counsel this inebriated, semi-conscious woman about her drinking problem. Also, as I pointed out in “Why Addiction Recovery Should Be A Feminist Issue,” drunk women are not credible witnesses.

The Village Voice is reporting today that just a few months before this, another woman was involved in a disturbing incident with Mata and Moreno.  She was also drunk, had just been robbed, and was making a bit of a scene. Mata and Moreno were called. They refused to take her police report, and instead harassed her for a few hours. Their behavior that night never came up during the rape trial. Continue reading Mata and Moreno Update