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massiveattack Exclusive

Tonight, massiveattack will be interviewing “Keeper of the Birds” who is the mother of a boy who was murdered by an AA sponsor named Gerald Estes:

Estes was a heavy drinker, according to cops, and it was always getting him into trouble. He’d been pulled over for drunken driving, and would even occasionally check himself into rehab programs. But cops say getting clean wasn’t his only motivation for joining the rehab organizations — he was also searching for victims.

Cops say Estes likes to prey on the innocent — and he trusted rehab centers to deliver naive, broken-down individuals who he thought would be easily manipulated. But according to cops, Estes really preferred children — and had gotten away with victimizing at least two little boys in 2003.

Cops say the children were Estes’ next door neighbor’s — a mother who trusted Estes enough to leave her children in his care while she worked. According to police, the children were too scared to tell their mother what was really going on — that they were being forced to participate in disgusting sex acts and even to watch as Estes raped his own dog.

Cops don’t know for sure how long this abuse had been going on, but they say it stopped when Estes checked himself into a rehab program at a halfway house. There, cops say he got a little too comfortable — and starting flaunting polaroid photographs of him raping the two boys.

Tune in tonight at 6pm PST.

“Keeper of the Birds” -A woman with many years of recovery faces the tragic loss of her son. “Keeper” comes to us with a chilling, harrowing tale of loss, devastation and tragedy. A fierce, honest, courageous woman, “Keeper” continues to fight the presence of Predators in AA meetings as she openly recounts the dangers and issues we all care about in “Making AA Safer” for all members, especially the caring of minors in the AA culture.