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Albert Birmingham is accused of getting liquored up and killing Aloha Adams with his car in a McDonald-s drive-thru Nanakuli, Hawaii:

Driver indicted in Nānākuli death

Witnesses told police that Birmingham was honking his SUV’s horn at the vehicle carrying Adams and others, which was in front of Birmingham in the drive-through lane at McDonald’s.

Adams and a 15-year-old girl got out of their car after Adams’ boyfriend became involved in a confrontation with Birmingham, police said.

Birmingham’s car allegedly accelerated and struck Adams and the girl, according to police reports.

Adams was run over by the front and rear tires of the SUV, according to Kapp.

This week, he got arrested for impaired driving and driving without a license. Of course, there is no need to worry, because Albert B. is a member of AA. His lawyer used the “I’m in Alcoholics Anonymous” card to try and spring his client from the joint. You know…because it’s worked so well for him up to now:

Grieving mom sounds off on killer’s new DUI arrest
“The defense argued that Birmingham was attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and was no longer driving.”

The judge, who is apparently ignorant of how rigorous honesty™ is supposed to work*, denied this assclown bail (yea, judge!).


*It’s the truth if you really want it to be the truth, and if it is convenient at the time.

AA Required for Furlough in HI

Hawaii’s Department of Corrections has a furlough program  to help felons, in the last year of their sentence, reintegrate into the community by providing incentives to local businesses for hiring them. The Laumaka Work Furlough Center provides housing and, according to their website, in-house substance abuse and sex offender treatment programs. Residents are also required to attend two AA or NA meetings a week in order to participate (I don’t know if that’s what they mean by “in-house” treatment).

Ex Cons Make Great Employees

Tax breaks and government-paid insurance help, but most employers hire former criminals because they often get dependable, motivated employees

Kahala Caterers had difficulty recruiting dishwashers and general laborers for its chef staff a few years ago.

“People were coming in but weren’t motivated,” company president Winston Gample says. “They all just want to be executive chefs or the next TV star.”

Then Gample and his chefs learned about the state’s Laumaka Work Furlough Center for ex-criminals and met David Nunez. Nunez had spent 30 of his 41 years in prison or juvenile detention – the past decade for a bank robbery in California. He also looked the part.


The Laumaka Work Furlough Center offers housing and treatment programs to convicts for up to a year before they are fully released from confinement. While they are at Laumaka, they must be willing and able to work at least 30 hours a week, pay rent, use no drugs, alcohol or cell phones, and stay free of misconduct.

“Ninety-five percent of our residents have had substance-abuse history, so we require all residents to participate in two AA or NA (Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous) support-group meetings as part of their stay requirements,” says Laumaka’s Rochelle Nieto, who handles transition counseling. Those who aren’t former substance abusers must find other support groups.

Read the whole thing…

This is out of line for a few reasons. These are not people who have been diagnosed with any chemical addiction or dependency. Why require them to admit they’re powerless over alcohol as a condition of their furlough?  Also: unconstitutional.

I hope Hawaii has better luck sending sex offenders to AA than it did with Clayborne Connely, who was released from the mental hospital on the condition that he get “substance abuse treatment.”

The Daily Chuckle

Today’s daily chuckle comes from Dick B., who has taken a break from lecturing others on “contempt prior to investigation,” in order to pronounce his contempt for those sites listed in our blogroll — all of which he has labeled “anti-AA.” Included on the list is: LifeRing, SMART Recovery and ‘The Big Book’ Online:

Dick B’s Blog

“…Sometimes we have been inclined to ignore the nasty remarks But we believed that “Stinkin Thinkin”–a site whose title perhaps epitomizes its approach–has assembled the list below, indicating those listed are supportive of the negative approaches. And here they are–a lengthy list of those who have beefs against A.A. whether their remarks are supported, supportable, or without support….”

I think Dick has tapped a little too deeply into his Belladonna supply.

“My name is ‘Dick’, and I’m an Assaholic*”

A couple of days ago, AA historian and relentless self-promoter Dick B, took time out from herding sheep into his personal condo, tax write-off Serenity Ranch, so he could write a hit-and-run post over at Massive Attack’s Stop 13th Step In AA blog. It was the classic “blame the victim” response found so often in the rooms of AA:

“He who writes about 13th stepping in A.A. and then tars and feathers A.A. is usually someone who has put very little into A.A., received very little from A.A., and retained a resentment that A.A. could have helped him cast away….”

Translation: If you were used and manipulated by an AA member, at the the very time that you were most vulnerable and seeking help from a from a group who told you to quit thinking and to not trust your own judgment – then the problem is yours, not AA’s. It’s your own damn fault! This is like a defense attorney implying a sexual assault victim wouldn’t have anything to worry about, if she didn’t dress like a whore. Continue reading “My name is ‘Dick’, and I’m an Assaholic*”

Nine Months to the ‘Miracle’

Lucy wrote this in our comment section. I thought that I would highlight it here. It illustrates what happens when controlling sponsors are allowed to do their thing, unchecked and with no accountability. When some 12-step Nazi like our resident trolls JD or Mr AA point to the costs of a sobriety coach, or a secular treatment approach (as they did yesterday about Steven Slate), implying there are no costs to those who involve themselves in AA – I point to stories like this. Unfortunately, these type of stories aren’t uncommon. Sometimes the costs are nothing more than a loan to an AA grifter. Sometimes the costs are a lot more….

“A woman I sponsored has mild cognitive deficits from a birth trauma. Her problems include a learning disability and balance problems. She understands what is happening, but she is a few beats behind everyone else. She comes from a wealthy family, and she was able to make it through a small college with an adjusted curriculum.

Her learning problems led to depression which led to heavy drinking. Her marriage broke up and she landed in an AA group in the town where her parents lived. She was told to get a sponsor, and was told that the entire group was sponsored by M, an older man who was a retired mechanic.

M told her to stay away from her parents, whom he said would make he want to drink. He invited her to move out of her apartment and into his house.. He said she could either sleep on the couch or share a room with his teen-aged son, a high school drop-out, whom he also sponsored. He suggested that they would even make a good couple. He also told her to quit her job, as he would take care of everyone.

Three months later, she was pregnant with the son’s baby. She called her parents to tell them the good news, and was surprised when they begged her to come home and go to the psych ward. By now she was worried about taking care of the child and, over the strong objections of her sponsor and his son, she went to the hospital.

It took a long time to deprogram her from the things the sponsor had said to her when she was depressed, terrified and alone. When what had happened sank in, she and her parents spent a hefty legal sum paying M to get the son’s parental rights revoked so that she would no longer have to have contact with M. (The son later killed himself.)

I don’t care about who has sex with who, or even what kind of sex they have. Nor do I like the “fucking a cripple” comment, which I find ugly and degrading. However, I know what Massive is talking about when she talks about predators.

AA has plenty of sex offenders, but most women (and men) know better than to spend much time with them. The real problem is the controllers, the ones who delight in running the lives of others and leaving other people to clean up the mess. They fuck people up and then tell them it’s their fault for being angry about it.

AA has three types of members – the uninformed, the predator and the mentally ill. If you know what AA is, it is hard to go there with a clear conscience.”

Quote of the Day

“And the more I listened, the more absurd the higher powers became in the language of recovery–the higher powers were tables, bulldozers, radiators, goddesses, somethings, any god you want, yourself as not-god, the Big Dipper, Santa Claus, and–on Friday Nights, at our Larkspur Beginner’s Meeting–it was regularly called Ralph….”

Dick B, an AA, ranting about the crazy idol worship in AA.

The “P” Stands for “Pedophile”

Among the interests Dick B lists on his profile, is listening to Hawaiian music. He is likely a big fan of Gregg Perry, a musician on the Big Island, a member of AA, and collector of kiddie porn. He was recently convicted of possessing such material, and has been awaiting sentencing on the case, which is currently being delayed to allow two girls to fly to Hawaii and testify that Gregg P had molested them back in 2002 (If they have a few thousand bucks and resentment, and wish to learn about ‘their part’ in the molestation, they can stay in Dick B’s tax-free luxury condo, aka, “Freedom Ranch”). The prosecution has been provided transcripts of interviews done with these girls at the time of the incidents. Gregg P’s attorney is balking at this, which is fine. This is what defense attorney’s do. His argument is that those molestations have nothing to do with Gregg P’s collection of kiddie porn. That isn’t exactly true, but it’s rigorously true, which is close.

Among the character references for this jackass are his Alcoholics Anonymous associates, who I assume wrote letters describing his serenity, humility and spirituality.

Sentencing Delayed in Child Porn Case

How to Treat Dick Burns

First, let me apologize to those of you who googled the title of this article, hoping to find some relief from an STD, or a domestic accident with a curling iron. This post is about our beloved Dick B, aka Dick Burns – an AA historian and friend of the blog. Those regular readers who read this title and started snickering (speedy, I see you), you should be a little more mature than that. Really! Continue reading How to Treat Dick Burns