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Quote of the Day

Sugomom just quoted this from a forum, and I thought it was of such quality, that it deserved to be highlighted here:

“I would much rather date a woman who didn’t drink than one who did. If a person gets drunk, or has ever gotten drunk, then they are an alcoholic. If they are in a 12 step program and taking rigorous moral inventory as well as prayer, then I would date them. If they are just drinking alcohol and getting drunk, I would drive them to an AA meeting to help them on their way to a stronger spiritual connection with their higher power.

I would much rather date a woman who had an extremely strong spiritual connection to her higher power than an atheist who is constantly inserting her ego into every issue.

Egotists drink alcohol, that’s the honest truth. People drink alcohol to avoid Life. If you are lucky enough to find a person in a 12 step program, do not interfere with their meetings or spiritual practice. That is the one thing that you cannot do, they will leave you in a second over a meeting. You ever cause them to miss a meeting and you will be gone within hours if not minutes. That is critical to understand.”