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The Pseudoscience of Alcoholics Anonymous

Mario Bunge is a physicist who has written on the characteristics of pseudoscience, science, and how to tell the different between the two. Below are some characteristics of pseudoscience according to Bunge, and how each characteristic applies to AA:

A field of pseudoscientific research is made up of a pseudo-community of researchers, which is a group of believers rather than an association of critical thinkers.

Research into the effectiveness of 12-Step programs is almost non-existent within the insular community of treatment centres and researchers who already believe in the AA approach. Much like a “creation scientist” reaches a conclusion (the earth is six-thousand years old and is created by God), and then fits their data within that framework; research that is done into the efficacy of 12-Step programs is done by 12-Step advocates who presuppose the idea that 12-Step treatment is effective. None are randomized, and none compare the effectiveness of an AA approach to recovery to other approaches, or to no program at all.

Many counselors are alcoholics who went through AA themselves and drank the kool-aid. Aftercare is nothing more than an assignment to a local AA group, and being assigned a sponsor who has no training, and who might be a psychological nutbag himself (or herself). Not only do they not promote critical thinking, they actively rail against it, and shut down any person who dared to come up with an original thought.

The society in which it exists supports it for commercial reasons, or tolerates it while simultaneously marginalizing it.

Alcoholics Anonymous positions itself as a benign, non-commercial, neutral organization. This cannot be further from the truth, as the rehab industry acts as AA’s commercial spokesman. AA is the lifeblood of the treatment industry, and the treatment industry is the lifeblood of AA. They feed off of each other, and are essentially one in the same. Organizations such as Continue reading The Pseudoscience of Alcoholics Anonymous