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Quote of the Day

“…An alcoholic is different biologically, psychologically, and spiritually different than a normal person. There are chemicals in their brain that make them sensation seekers and predestined to addiction.* Their bodies’ metabolize alcohol and drugs differently releasing chemicals into their brain, which in turn makes them, crave more. Their perspective and view of reality is twisted and before the alcohol was introduced. My alcoholism, which still exists, was a symptom of the real problem. I knew what the consequences were, but I could not stop. I was beyond human aid, nothing I or anyone else tried worked for me. God has done for me what I could not do for myself….”

– Brian Vanderhook, an AA. In the comment section of Scientific American.

[This was in response to a comment by Raynsy, and it was so jaw-droppingly ignorant, I thought that I would highlight it here. Thanks, Ray.]


*Preddictionation [prēˌdikSHənˈnāSHən] noun – the divine foreordaining of a person’s alcohol addiction.

Up the Tiger Bloodline

Charlie Sheen’s father made an interesting comment, which I thought that I would post here because it furthers the dialog from yesterday’s post and comments:

“So if he had cancer, how would we deal with him? Well, he has another disease and it’s equally as dangerous as cancer. “

I think Martin Sheen, who is a card-carrying AA member, should answer his own rhetorical question. How would he treat his own cancer, should he ever be diagnosed? How would he recommend that his family be treated? Would it be with faith healing, slogans, letters of apology to anyone he ever wronged? How would he react if the cancer spread, and the doctors told him it was because he was not working the program properly? Would he ignore any potential underlying cause of the cancer, and presuppose that he got it because of moral failing and spiritual deficiency? Of course, we know the answers to questions. He wouldn’t treat his or Charlie’s cancer like he does their addictions, because it is a ridiculous way to approach a disease. Continue reading Up the Tiger Bloodline