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The Jim B. Episode, Revised and Expanded

If you’ve been a regular, you’ll notice that I took down the last two posts on the subject of Jim Bock and the Sponsorship Group in Chatham, NJ. I want to be clear that the episode detailed in those posts did not drive us to close the blog, so I’m going to tell the story again with more clarity.

Now then:

There is someone leaving comments on forums around the internet about someone named Jim Bock who runs the Sponsorship Group in Chatham, New Jersey. They’re hit-n-run cut/paste comments that look like this:

One of the all time most pathetic and dangerous AA groups ever is based out of Chatham NJ. They are called the Sponsorship Group and their leader is Jim B.

Dictator Jim B. and his disciples have been ruining the lives of young women since at least 2000. To call what they do “13th Stepping” would be a compliment. Imagine a group of people with no medical or psyciatric training that tell people how and why they need to stop taking necessary medication! It’s a disgrace. People have suffered and in some cases are dead as a direct result of this groups actions!

Jim B. and his disciples at the Sponsorship Group all have SG tatoo on their wrists and live by the rules of Jim B. He takes advatage of people who are in need of help. He should be charged with mental abuse and should have to register as a sex offender. He will experience KARMA soon.

A few of these comments appeared here (using the full last name), buried in the discussion section of random posts, and they were not on my radar.

So, last week, I received an email from Jim Bock that looked like this:  Continue reading The Jim B. Episode, Revised and Expanded

Quote of the Day

“That was 75 years ago. The big book is an historical document with some good ideas and many that have outgrown their usefulness….”
A.A. Alfie, an AA.

[also see: Alfieholics Anonymous]

The Daily Chuckle

Today’s daily chuckle comes from Dick B., who has taken a break from lecturing others on “contempt prior to investigation,” in order to pronounce his contempt for those sites listed in our blogroll — all of which he has labeled “anti-AA.” Included on the list is: LifeRing, SMART Recovery and ‘The Big Book’ Online:

Dick B’s Blog

“…Sometimes we have been inclined to ignore the nasty remarks But we believed that “Stinkin Thinkin”–a site whose title perhaps epitomizes its approach–has assembled the list below, indicating those listed are supportive of the negative approaches. And here they are–a lengthy list of those who have beefs against A.A. whether their remarks are supported, supportable, or without support….”

I think Dick has tapped a little too deeply into his Belladonna supply.

Quote of the Day

“I have not used the term “dry drunk” since I left AA and one of my (former) AA comrades accosted me in the grocery store and accused me of being one. Right there in the produce section! To her, my actual state of mind and health was unimportant: the only thing that mattered was that I had left the program, and to her, that equated with drinking. Since I was physically sober, that had to mean I was a “dry drunk”.

The term COULD be useful if it was uniformly used to describe a person who is not drinking, but is still exhibiting some of the behaviors of someone who is actively addicted to alcohol. However, as long as it continues to be used as a pejorative term, applied by AA members to outsiders, it is of dubious utility.”

– “onlythetruth“; a former AA in a thread about the term “dry drunk,” sharing his/her experience with a current member of the fellowship after leaving AA.

Quote of the Week

“…Once again you show your fudge-packing obsession with Mr. AA. Does your wife know your heart belongs to another?”

– Mr AA (posting as Squire Namaste): Buddhist, longtime AA member, and apparent homophobe – in response to another comment in our comment section earlier this week.

Quote of the Day

“In A.A. we do not tell anyone to do anything….”

– From AA’s website.

Fun With Delusion

There is a thread in the works from the fun bunch over the Sober Recovery forum titled, “Why do some alcoholics continue to suffer?” It’s so far out, over-the-top, ’round the bend crazy; and the first two posts are so entertaining, I decided to post a link to it now, so you folks could enjoy the show. Get your popcorn….

Why do some alcoholics continue to suffer?


Last year, we posted a story about Herbert Jones, a deluded 12-stepper who showed up outside of a Portland, Maine AA meeting with a sniper rifle and a load of resentment toward pedophiles. Obviously, we don’t condone his actions, but I do give him credit for his strategy. I mean, if you are deluded, and your goal is to snipe off a pedophile, randomly spraying bullets into a crowd of AAs is like shooting fish in a barrel. You’re bound to pick off at least one, maybe two.

Recently, under a plea agreement, Herbert J was sent to a mental hospital, where he will hopefully get some proper treatment. There was no disagreement between the judge, prosecutors or the defense attorney as to whether or not this guy is mentally ill. I doubt anyone reading the facts of the case would disagree. He was, after all, receiving messages directly from God, and believed that he was on a divine mission at the time of his arrest. I doubt any reasonable person, understanding the facts of the case, would disagree with the fact that this guy is deluded, and that he needs psychological help. Continue reading Godpuppetry


I have no idea how this piece of propaganda found its way to an actual news source, but check this out:

85% Success Rate in Sober Living Homes

I would be interested to see how these jackasses quantify “success”.

Quote of the Day

“But I see this site is like a toilet trap. The dirty water that can’t muster enough energy to go all the way down the drain just ends up here and sits doing nothing.

Now that I know you’re too dumb to be a threat I’m loosing[sic] interest.”

Tony J, an AA and serenity hornet who has written 63 comments here in a three day span, and who participates in a blog created to talk about this blog, explaining how he is bored with this blog.