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More Fun with the Wackos at the Sober Recovery site: Non AA literature

Alright, we have more more fun from the Crazies over at the Sober Recovery site. Today’s thread is started by Miss Communicat, and her initial post is crazy enough to award her a nomination to be this week’s 12-Step  AAll-Star. The thread is titled “non-AA literature in meetings”. One reason that AAs have such insular thought processes is because any understanding of alcohol addiction outside of the the ‘Big Book’ or the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions is shunned. Regardless of the advances in understanding addiction, Alcoholics Anonymous is content with 1930’s science. One reason AA will never be effective, is because they have no interest in improving it, and they have no interest in improving it because it because that is tantamount to religious heresy. Bringing a book based on our scientific understanding of addiction into AA is like bringing the Origin of the Speces into a Southern Baptist Sunday school class. Miss Communicat’s first post:

How do I handle this situation:

My former home group is a women’s AA group that has a rotating format. 1 week is BB, 1 week is a step study, 1 week a speaker and 1 week a topic discussion.

I call it my former “home group” because it is 4 towns away from my home, and in the intervening year, I’ve helped start up 5 early bird AA meetings right here in my town and they are growing well and I now call these my home group.

Until last week, I had not attended the women’s AA group but for the occasional meeting here and there…very sporadically. I noticed that it was heading into a direction that did nothing for my recovery from alcoholism: it was more like an al-anon or group therapy circle with lots of whining.

Anyway, last week, I brought a newcomer woman there in hopes that it might introduce her to more women in the program.

It was a step meeting, and the chairperson had decided to use a non AA book to study the step we were on, and she passed the book around so we could all read our requisite paragraphs out of the book before we shared.

I was fit to be tied. I wanted to walk out but i had this person with me and chose not to. I passed when it came my turn to read, and left the room twice to shift my energy because I was clearly irritated.

The chairperson is a therapist. She is a chronic relapser. She has “problems” with Step 3. Her therapist suggested she use this stupid workbook instead of the Big Book. I feel she has no place chairing a step AA meeting if she uses non AA literature.

To me, it is apparent that she is diluting the message and the principles of AA. Actually, she cannot carry the message of AA as long as she remains self reliant, which was the tenor of her book. I lost count of the number of times the words “my choice” and “self reliance”, and that references to cocaine and sex addictions were used.

Anyway, I raised my hand and asked the group if this is still an AA meeting. They said yes. I then asked if a group conscience had determined that it was acceptable to replace AA literature with secular psychotherapeutic writings, and that, if it had, then it is a women’s support group of some sort but is no longer an AA meeting and it should be stricken from the schedule book.

I was told that it was not a big deal and that nobody minded.

I realize I can personally simply not return to that meeting, which serves me and my recovery personally, but is that all? 3 of the oldtimers who were not as vocal as me called me the next day to thank me for being courageous and to tell me they support my speaking up.

I am not into drama and would prefer to let this go.

What would you do in a similar situation?

Obviously, this woman is a dogmatic, AA Nazi. These are the scariest and most dangerous types in AA. Let’s examine this post in a little more detail. Continue reading More Fun with the Wackos at the Sober Recovery site: Non AA literature