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Nearly the credibility of 12 step “research”

Here is an article that includes a list of things for wives to look into regarding the sexual orientation of their husbands.

It looked quite a bit like the “research” that is done by apologists for the AA faith as they attempt to proclaim the drug induced prophecies of William Griffith Wilson to be empiricle scientific fact.

Included is the line “Drawing on the expertise of spiritual and medical professionals”

Also included in the article is “Same-sex experimentation is also connected to drug or alcohol abuse.”

Hmmm. I spent quite a bit of my life very drunk, and same-sex experimentation never did sound like something I might be interested in.

I will admit that drug and alcohol abuse may lead to some not particularly bright ideas sometimes including power tools, mis-use of electrical appliances, culinary disasters, fireworks, dazzling dancing and karaokee performances, and in certain cases bad haircuts (but that is  another story).

Perhaps another case of the need to keep science and religion separated.