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Harm Reduction: What Would Jesus Do?

I was doing some political web surfing, and came across a website called Christ and Pop Culture. One of the blog owners posed a question about needle exchange programs and harm reduction, which I think is interesting:

There has been a resurgence of interest in the harm reduction program of Needle Exchange. The basic philosophy behind the program is that if drug users will swap out their used needles for clean ones then there may be a decrease in the spread of both HIV and Hepatatis C. The problem with the program is that it does turn a blind eye toward drug abuse and even enables abuse and addiction. So as a Christian what do you think is the right response to such a program? Do you think Christians should support it or reject it?

I think this is interesting because it’s a huge, messy question. It makes my brain explode with more questions, but I didn’t ask there, because the question was addressed to Christians, and  don’t qualify. Here are some of the questions that came to mind: Continue reading Harm Reduction: What Would Jesus Do?