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Anonymous Child Molesters

Someone explain what is so sacred about anonymity. At this point, it’s just code for “unaccountable.”

AA Member Molests 5-Year Old Child Continue reading Anonymous Child Molesters

Meet jay Spreeuw: Freedom House (now exiled) Vice President

“Really, you just can’t make this kind of stuff up.
Nice neighbors for the kiddies at the practically adjacent school.”


I’m starting to think you folks are setting me up for the next post!

We’ll continue with part four of our saga by introducing everyone to the face that once occupied the now blank space above the words “vice president” on the Freedom House website (I went ahead and froze the page, in case these jackasses decided to delete it in a fit of rigorous honesty). Meet Jay Spreeuw, the one-time vice president on the Freedom House board. Jay enjoys the outdoors, the music of Green Day, and asking kids if they’ve seen his lost dog. Spreeuw, which is German for “sicko”, is top dog of this pile of losers – and of the mugshots we’ve seen thus far, his is the happiest, probably because he isn’t in the joint being subjected to inmate justice, which is what I understand is done to child molesters. Yes, even a prison population is more picky than AA about who they will accept into their community. At AA, and in a place like Freedom House, these assholes are put in positions of authority. The only reason this slimeball resigned, was because this thing went public, and he was forced to leave.

I bet you folks think I’m done, and it can’t get any more batshit crazy than this. Think again. All we’ve seen so far are the officers of this cuckoo’s nest. Next, we’ll take a gander at management. Stay tuned.