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Chief Clarence Papequash Multitasks Wrong

From Yahoo News:

The chief of an east-central Saskatchewan First Nation said Tuesday he’s done nothing wrong and will not step down after he was one of 16 people charged with trafficking in prescription drugs.

“I feel good. I didn’t do nothing wrong,” Clarence Papequash, the recently re-elected chief of the Key First Nation near Kamsack, said in an interview.

A six-month investigation by RCMP detachments in and around the Yorkton area led to the arrest of 16 people. RCMP say more arrests are likely in the coming days. All are charged with trafficking in prescription narcotics.

Papequash, 58, said he does not have to resign as chief and intends to stay on. Another one of those charged, 52-year-old Gerald Papequash, was elected as a councillor in the same election.

All 16 will appear in court next month. Yorkton RCMP Sgt. James Morton said all are accused of selling the drugs to RCMP or agents working on their behalf.

Clarence Papequash denies ever selling drugs to RCMP or anyone else. “They didn’t buy nothing off of me,” he said.


Morton said RCMP decided to launch the investigation last year after seeing a huge increase in the trafficking of prescription and other drugs. Suicides, overdoses and violence in the Yorkton-Kamsack region have all been linked to increased drug use, he said. In one case a couple of years ago, a drug addict killed his baby daughter. His wife, also an addict, was in prison at the time, Morton said.

“I think (the arrests) are a start, but it’s so rampant. It’s unreal. I’ve never seen a drug problem this bad,” Morton said.

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