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Here’s Your Stinkin’ Quiz

A couple of days ago, FTG posted a link to a quiz which is suppose to diagnose a potential drinking problem. I thought that it would be interesting to take those same questions, and apply them to AA itself. Take the test and see how you fare(d):

Do you lose time from work to attend AA meetings?

Are you taking advantage of the Americans With Disabilities Act in order to force your employer to accommodate your meeting quota?

Is AA making your home life unhappy?

Have you been told that AA is your “new family”? Are you being told that your spouse/partner does not understand you, because he/she is not an alcoholic? Is your spouse/partner encouraged to join Al-Anon, where they have been diagnosed as a “co-dependent”?

Do you attend AA to better relate to “sober people”?

Are you hesitant about discussing your drinking issues with friends, family, counselors?

Is AA affecting your reputation?

Are you afraid your employer, neighbors or other acquaintances will learn you attend Alcoholics Anonymous? Do you hide this fact because you believe they will look down on you? Do you only use your first name in AA, so nobody will know that you are a member? Continue reading Here’s Your Stinkin’ Quiz