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Holy Trinity, Batman! That is one ignorant AAer!

“Probably the same way that Christians would consider Jesus a Higher Power. Not a “God” technically but still an HP of sorts.” – Pinkcuda, AA fundamentalist

An interesting thread developed over at the Sober Recovery site about what was meant by “Good Orderly Direction”, which is a proxy god used by AAs to help Atheists and Agnostics rationalize their use of the word “God” in the AA dogma, until they can be properly converted. This quote came from that discussion.

Pinkcuda, who is keen on publicly touting his faith, and whose avatar is Jesus Fish, demonstrated his love of Jesus by showing a stunning ignorance of the Christian faith. Pinkcuda needs a quick education in the Trinity.

He also wrote: …God can be Allah, Buddah, Jesus, God, RA, etc….
I suppose his misspelling of “Buddha” is a sign that he is ignorant of Buddha and Buddhism, but someone needs to explain to Cuda that Buddha was just a man, just like him. Well, not quite like him — Buddha knew what the fuck he was talking about.

AA: Addicted to Addiction

Here is an nice editorial from someone in the UK who was able to escape Alcoholics Anonymous:
AA: Addicted to addiction

I particularly liked his last paragraph:

Too often, meetings were infused with a rigidity, repetition and joylessness that I contrasted unfavourably with the fun-loving, flexible and empowering ambience I began to discover in Buddhism. Though they are by no means perfect, I was relieved to find that Buddhist communities take basic goodness rather than original sin as a fundamental starting point, and consider identity to be fluid rather than fixed. I began attending 12-step groups for “co-dependency”, and was then persuaded – against my better judgment – to identify as an addict of various kinds. Having the strength to stand up for myself and stop going is, I think, one of the least co-dependent things I have ever done.”