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Speedy brings it.

Speedy clued me in to this in the morning, but because I was so freakin’ busy and also in a twisty snit about the HP, I didn’t Pay Attention.

So, now I would like to direct yall to this radio interview: Brendan Koerner — author of the Wired piece — is interviewed on the Brian Lerher Show:

On Alcoholics Anonymous‘ 75th anniversary, contributing editor at Wired magazine Brendan Koerner investigates why and how AA’s 12-step process to kick addiction seems to work for some people.

I haven’t listened to it yet, but I did read through some of the comments. It’s a party in there!

The Wired Article: More

Here are a couple more responses to Brendan Koerner’s Wired article:

Abel Pharmboy (whose own response is here), directed me to Alcoholism by Jonah Lehrer, on his blog “The Frontal Cortex.”

And Heather Horn offers “What Can We Learn From A.A.’s Success (and Failure)?” on the Atlantic Wire.

Thank you, Terra Sigillata

After the Wired article came out, I landed on Abel Pharmboy’s blog, Terra Sigillata, and this post in particular, which, while neutral about AA in general, was complimentary about Koerner’s piece as an example of good science writing. Aware of my bias, and very aware that I’m not a scientist and don’t know from science writing, I asked him: “OMG, WTF!?”

Well, then he came to visit us, and then I visited him, and then today, he wrote a really nice post about Stinkin’ Thinkin’ — and I’m so delighted about that! He also discusses the Stanton Peele response in the Huffington Post.

Welcome Terra Sigillata readers!