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Dispatches from Serenutopia

“I will also have to tell you that not drinking and not working the steps have not really anything to do with each other. I stayed sober for 7 years without working the steps. I know an old lady just across the street that just celebrated 50 years of sobriety. She no longer goes to meetings, and probably hasn’t in years, but shows up every year to pick up her medallion. Unfortunately, she is a bitter, unsocial angry looking old woman. I would honestly prefer to relapse and start over with a fresh attitude of humility than to go through life that way.

I found out the hard way too, that it is possible to not drink, and not change my personality for years. But slowly we tend to warp into what is commonly called a dry drunk. You might want to think about the possibility of that happening to you someday. It does sneak up on you though, since the changes are so gradual. Looking back, I can see how I had been setting myself up for a relapse for about 2 or 3 years before I ever drank again. As I said, this was after 7 years of being sober, or might I say, “dry”. But I had become sort of crazy and not so easy to live with.”

Dave M, an AA, answering a question on Yahoo Answers.

Quote of the Day

“…A pill may in fact be able to help an alcoholic drink less…but will it make him stop lying, manipulating, cheating…maybe he’s still judgemental, scared of commitment, holding on to negitive things from the past that are crippleing him… You have fun with your pills…an opioid at that…the same substance found in pain killers that kill more people a year than cocain and heroin combined….”

– An anonymous AA member commenting on an article about Naltrexone in The Windsor Star.