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Massiveattack Interviews Dee Dee Stout

Author- Dee Dee Stout 08/30 Interview with Massive on Tuesday August 30, 2011on Blog Talk Radio 6pmPST

Author- Dee Dee Stout 08/30 by stop13stepinaa | Blog Talk Radio.

Join Massive and Dee-dee Stout on

August 30, 2011-Tuesday night 6pm PST 9pm EST

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Why I left AA- Stories from x AA members 08/09 by stop13stepinaa | Tonight on Blog Talk Radio Safe Recovery 6pm PST-9pm EST

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Why I left AA- Stories from x AA members 08/09 by stop13stepinaa | Blog Talk Radio.

CAll in 818-475-9211 6Pm PST- 9PM EST 

Join Massive on Safe Recovery as we take calls from all over the USA on why YOU have left Alcoholics Anonymous. 

We wanna know the truth…

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massiveattack live! With Steven Slate

Steven Slate 08/02 by stop13stepinaa | Blog Talk Radio.

Join Massive and Steven Slate for an indepth conversation about the Addiction Treament Industry. Steven offers an alternative to 12 step approaches. Through his own experience and education Steve mixes Coaching, real experience and artistic creative ways to getting clean from addiction.

If AA/NA or Betty Ford didn’t work…give Steve a call.

Tonight on Blog Talk Radio- Safe Recovery


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Massiveattack Interviews with Blamethenile

Massiveattack will be interviewing mikeblamedenial and B l A m E, tonight on Safe Recovery Radio.

Tuesday night 10pm PST 1 AM EST

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Stanton Peele on Harm Reduction Radio

Kenneth Anderson from HAMS Network is hosting Stanton Peele tonight at (8pm EST; 5pm PST), on Blog Talk Radio for his series on Addiction Treatments That Work:

Stanton Peele on Addiction in the Real World

Dr. Stanton Peele has revolutionized the way we view addiction with the publication of such books as “Love and Addiction,” “The Diseasing of America,” “7 Tools to Beat Addiction” and “Addiction-Proof Your Child.” Dr. Peele has been an outspoken critic of addiction treatment programs such as AA and 12 step programs which are based on divine revelation rather than clinical research. Dr. Peele has also long been an advocate of evidence based approaches to addiction treatment such as Harm Reduction, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and the Community Reinforcement Approach. We are most pleased and proud to bring you an interview with Dr. Peele on this our first show.