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massiveattack live!

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Monday July 16, 2011 on blogtalkradio “Safe Recovery” 6pm PST -9pm EST with David Darmstaeder author of “My Monster”

Join Massive Attack for an interview with David  Darmstaeder author of MY MONSTER soon to be a feature film..

After 2 decades in AA David leaves after a healing spiritual based journey in the Peruvian Amazon.

Controversial and real as ever….

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Ken Anderson’s Harm Reduction Radio

I missed the show tonight, but you can listen to the recording:

Neurotheology – Alternative Sexuality

Our first guest is Dr. Andrew Newberg, author of How God Changes Your Brain and other books. Dr. Newberg studies the effects of religious experiences such as glossolalia (speaking in tongues) and meditation on brain activity. Drugs and alcohol are not the only things that can alter your consciousness and make your brain light up in different ways.

Our second guest is Adam Zimbardo, a marriage and family counselor located in California who works with addiction issues as well as alternative sexualities including gay, transgender, and BDSM.

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Tuesday-July 12, 2011 on blogtalkradio “Safe Recovery” 6pm PST -9pm EST

Join Massive Attack tonight as she talks with MA and FTG. Call in and we’ll either answer your questions, or have FTG belt out your favorite show tune. Your choice!

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HAMS Radio tonight at 8pm EST

Ken Anderson ‘s Harm Reduction Radio interviews MA and ftg tonight a 8 pm EST.  Ken’s second guest is Liz Michael of Moder8.

Here’s the call-in number: (619) 393-6432



HAMS Network Tonight on Blog Talk Radio

Kenneth Anderson’s HAMS Radio tonight 8 PM EST:

Our first guest is Dr. Robert Meyers who is a co-author of Get Your Loved One Sober: Alternatives to Nagging, Pleading, and Threatening and one of the developers of CRAFT: Community Reinforcement and Family Training, an evidence based approach to dealing with a loved one’s drug or alcohol problems.

Our second guest is Craig Whalley, the executive director of LifeRing–a purely secular sobriety support group for people who wish to abstain from drugs or alcohol.

As always Stanton Peele joins us to close the show.

Massiveattack Live with Tom Horvath

Tom Horvath from Smart Recovery will guest host with MASSIVE on blogtalkradio.

Tuesday @ 6pmPST 9pm EST -June 7th, 2011


Join Tom and me for an in depth discussion on SMART Recovery (TM) — a smarter, secular alternative to AA/NA.

Call in to listen or ask us questions @ 818-475-9211 .

There is also a chat room if you are too shy to call in!
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Kenneth Anderson’s HAMS Radio Live in 5 Minutes!

Sorry I didn’t get this up sooner.

Harm Reduction Radio

Our first segment will be about InSite, North America’s only safe injection facility. InSite is located in Vancouver, BC Canada. Research shows that not only does InSite prevent overdose fatalities, but also that clients who engage with InSite are far more likely to make use of detox and treatment facilities than those who do not

Our second guest is Patt Denning PhD, who is the author of “Over the Influence” and “Practicing Harm Reduction Psychotherapy” as well as a director at the Harm Reduction Therapy Center in San Francisco and Oakland. Dr. Denning’s work has revolutionized the way we approach drug and alcohol problems.

Stanton Peele joins us to close the show for the week.

massiveattack live 5/17 at 6:00 PST

Monica is interviewing Stanton Peele tonight on her show Safe Recovery:

Join me tonight for an in depth discussion on new fresh approaches to fighting addiction with highly acclaimed author, Stanton Peele. or call in to listen or ask questions. 818-475-9211

massiveattack live at 5:30 PST

Join us. Call in, chat with us.
Listen in to hear the journey of Kali and Monica as they fought through enormous resistance when fighting back for rampant 13 stepping that has been left un chcecked in AA for 75 years. We will tell our own stories, what we did to change what is going on, and the power of just one Workshop. All this and more…
Part 1 Stop 13 step in aa from the two fearless ninja chicks who started it all!
Call in to 818-475-9211 to listen or to talk.

Kenneth Anderson at 5 PM

Tonight, on Harm Reduction Coalition Radio:

Our first guest is Allan Clear, executive director of the Harm Reduction Coalition, who will tell us about HRC’s functions as a harm reduction trainer and coordinator as well as some of the history of needle exchange and harm reduction in the US. Our first guest is Stacia Cosner from Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP who will tell us why and how students oppose the war on drugs.Stanton Peele closes with his thoughts for the week.