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Debating the Debate-Our Latest Vid

Just finished up.

The Self-contradictions of Alcoholics Anonymous

The recent discussion about the AA departee who is now moderating bought this video to mind. It points out the different ways that AA tempers any argument to fit its own agenda. It was never one of our more popular ones, so I re-titled it to be more reflective of its content.

Quote of the Day

“WOW, just wow.  Sober 8 months in the rooms of AA and CA. I stick around the rooms and attribute my sobriety to AA because It works. Heres [sic] some numbers for you… 40 people went to my rehab… 27 relapsed because they most likely had some of the thoughts about AA this video does, 6 are back in prison, and 4 are dead now from over doses [sic], myself and 2 other people are still sober because we worked the step s and got involved in AA… JAILS, INSTITUTIONS, AND DEATH.”

griffin210, an AA. Explaining in the comment section of Blamethenile’s “Is Alcoholics Anonymous a Cult?” video, how the 95% of his rehab class failed because they did not properly work the program.

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