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The Rotary Club Challenge

A common response we get from AAs after we highlight the daily rundown of felonies and abuse among them that happened to hit the newswires, is that that all organizations, in every walk of life, have bad apples. Today it was pointed out, after I updated the story about the AA who slashed the throat of a New York cabbie, that we are painting all AAs with the same brush. Of course, the actual reason we posted this was to point out the fact that an obviously deluded and emotionally unstable person, was subjected to 12-Step psychobabble instead of getting of real treatment.

Still, I understand the point that we may simply be picking out the few rapists, pedophiles and other types of felons; in an overwhelmingly serene and benign fellowship. So I thought that I would compare AA to another large fellowship and service organization: Rotary International. There are 1.3 million Rotary members, in 33,000 Rotary Clubs in the World, with a diverse membership representing people from all walks of life.

Today we are issuing the “Rotary Club challenge.” Do some research, and see how many pedophiles and rapists you find, who also happen to be members of the local Rotary Club. How many shootings and stabbings at Rotary meetings have been reported in the last five or ten years? How many of these people use the work they do for the local Rotary as an get-out-of-jail-free card? How many fellow Rotary members are showing up as character references at court hearings, saying such things as, “He has turned his life around, and is active in the local Rotary Club.” See if you can find two people who met at a Rotary Club, and took off on a stealing or killing spree. Compare these numbers against what we find daily in AA.

I would guess that if JD is right, and we are unfairly picking his club by highlighting the few bad seeds, then there would be a comparable amount in an organization the size of Rotary International. This should be an interesting experiment.