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PZ Myers on “Dear Rapist…”

PZ Myers has picked up on the Seccuro/Beebe story on his blog Pharyngula, where he spends a lot of time exposing spiritual quackery and fighting the invasion of religion into public policy.

The fact that Beebe sent his amends letter to Seccuro as part of his 9th Step work in AA seems like it might be a great opportunity for Myers to highlight the fact that this religious organization fostered a scenario in which a criminal like Beebe could re-traumatizes his victim, rather than turn himself in and make a full confession to the police, as a way of “making amends,” in the interest of achieving his own personal spiritual awakening through working the 12 Steps.

But, he doesn’t. Instead, he frames it thus:

The villains here are, unfortunately, all men — men who think they can use and abuse women. It makes me embarrassed for my sex … and it embarrasses me further that there will no doubt be whiny little half-men complaining in the comments of this article. Could you all try to make that prediction false?

Why is the subject of AA so far out on the fringes of the skeptiverse? Sexual predators are routinely sentenced to turn their lives and will over to a Higher Power, and I wonder how this is not relevant to the wider debate about religion in public policy.