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AA Man Blows His Own Horn

OK…so it really wasn’t his horn.

A guy in Pennsylvania arrives at a school all liquored up for an AA meeting, is told by the janitor that he is at the wrong place, so he steals a kid’s trumpet and leaves. Then he shows up at the right location, and proceeds to make an ass of himself:

According to police, Heffner, 32, came to St. James School on Feb. 3 asking how to find the AA meeting. A janitor told Heffner and another man the meeting was not being held at St. James. The janitor told police he later saw Heffner walking away from the school carrying a stolen trumpet. An empty trumpet case was found open on the floor near the door where the men entered, police said.

Around the same time the janitor notified police, another call came in from The Presbyterian Church on Grant Street for a disturbance involving two men. They matched the description of the men at St. James, police said, and one of them had a trumpet.

Police apprehended and arrested Heffner in the church parking lot. A witness told police Heffner came into the AA meeting at the church, placed the trumpet on a piano and became disruptive. Police said Heffner was highly intoxicated.

Charges reduced for a man who showed up drunk at an AA meeting

The good people of Beaver Falls can rest assured knowing this won’t happen again, because he’s still in AA (it was working so well for him before):

Heffner told Sewickley Patch he made a mistake, is back to work and is in recovery, attending AA meetings regularly.

“I’m always going to be a recovering addict for the rest of my life,” Heffner said. “The only requirement to go to AA is the desire to stop using,” Heffner said.

Alrighty then….