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Keeping Up With Doug E

Douglas Ehret is an AA with a bit of an anger problem, and a rap sheet longer than Tony J’s resentment list. This, of course, isn’t unusual. What is unusual, is the authorities in BC decided to keep this nutjob in jail after he got caught breaking the terms of his parole:

A parolee who police said could be a danger to women has had his statutory release revoked and will remain in prison.

Douglas Ehret, 45, was arrested in October after the Victoria parole office decided he posed an undue risk to the community.

Victoria police issued a rare public warning when Ehret was released on Sept. 23 because of his lengthy criminal record. Ehret’s record includes convictions for attempted forcible confinement, break and enter, and assault.

Police said he had a history of randomly targeting women who were alone. On two occasions, he tried to lure female real estate agents to vacant homes in B.C.’s Interior.

Ehret was re-arrested because he violated a parole condition that forced him to report all interactions with girls or women to his parole officer, according to a written decision by the National Parole Board.

According to the documents, Ehret accepted a ride home with a woman after an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, tried to book a massage with a woman at a spa, and had a profile on an Internet dating website.

Fortunately, this woman in AA was not (yet) victimized by this asshole. Of course, if she had been, she could have made her way to this blog, where our resident AA commenters can tell her how resentful she is, and how she could worry about keeping her side of the street clean.

Parolee poses risk, must stay in prison