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Dr. Bankole Johnson Responds

After that Washington Post editorial, Dr. Johnson was raked over the coals by AA members.

This is his response.

He addresses one critique in particular, written by Catherine Cosgrove of Heritage Home. She’s just another in the parade of people who make a living off the 12-Step industry, defending AA, while questioning Dr. Johnson’s ulterior motives — without a hint of self-awareness.

Addicted to Rehab…

Published in the Washington Post:

We’re Addicted to Rehab. It Doesn’t Even Work. By Bankole A. Johnson

For decades, Americans have clung to a near-religious conviction that rehab — and the 12-step model pioneered by Alcoholics Anonymous that almost all facilities rely upon — offers effective treatment for alcoholism and other addictions.

Here’s the problem: We have little indication that this treatment is effective. When an alcoholic goes to rehab but does not recover, it is he who is said to have failed. But it is rehab that is failing alcoholics. The therapies offered in most U.S. alcohol treatment centers are so divorced from state-of-the-art of medical knowledge that we might dismiss them as merely quaint — if it weren’t for the fact that alcoholism is a deadly and devastating disease.

And the way we attempt to treat alcoholism isn’t just ineffective, it’s ruinously expensive: Promises Treatment Centers’ Malibu facility, where Lohan reportedly went for her second round of rehab, in 2007, has stunning vistas, gourmet food, poolside lounging and acupuncture. It costs a reported $48,000 a month.

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