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Truthiness in Advertising

AA’s Australian advertising agency has swept the annual Siren awards, which are given for the most creative and effective radio advertisements in Australia:

Gatecrasher takes out the Siren for Alcoholics Anonymous

A single ad called Mummy, won the overall, single, and craft categories. It was also one of three ads in the AA campaign which took out the campaign category.

Written by Des Hameister the spots are confronting looks at the effects of alcohol on everyday situations. Hameister said keeping things simple and single-minded was the most important thing to remember when creating an effective radio commercial.
“Alcoholics don’t hurt just themselves and the ad empathises with that fact,” he said. “The insight is that alcoholics don’t only need to be told they’ve got a problem, they simply need to know that there’s a solution.”

Those of you wondering how an ad campaign promoting AA fits in AA’s tradition of “attraction, not promotion,” should just stop right there. Your best thinking got you here. Think, think, think yourself another drink. You just keep your own side of the street clean.


Trolling for Pigeons

A couple of years ago, Dexter Parker found himself in a bit of pickle. He was arrested for assault; or, as he put it, “I got into a little trouble with an ex-girlfriend.” I’m not sure if his girlfriend would characterize the incident in the same way, and I’m fairly certain she would not refer to it as “a blessing”, as did the author of this puff piece from the Lufkin Daily News in Texas.

In the two years since his arrest, Dexter has had trouble keeping his sobriety, so three and a half months ago, he entered a treatment program and joined AA. Now that he has been spiritually awakened, he has decided to  temporarily suspend his anonymity and the tradition of “attraction, not promotion”, so he could tout his own story, and use the local rag to troll for help in starting his own group.

You go, Dexter!

Australian for “Bullshit”

A couple of weeks ago we posted about ‘public education seminar’ that a group of Australian AAs are throwing together. It looks like they are going beyond this, and are putting together a full blown ad campaign. Of course, there is no law that prevents any organization from advertising its services – even a religious one like AA – but for an organization who claims to be one of ‘attraction, not promotion’, it is just another example of how they are full of shit. Is there anything this group does not lie about? One thing I noticed they did not mention in these ads was their Chairman’s admission of their 95% dropout rate (yeah, it seems AA Australia’s success rate is the same goose egg that it is in North America).

Attraction, Not Promotion

For anyone who happens to live near Staten Island, an event is scheduled called the 26th annual Staten Island Share-A-Day. This fun filled event comes complete with a free child care service, free food, a play and a day’s worth of workshops. Whatever could it be for? Is a new Home Depot opening in the neighborhood? Nah. It’s just a recruiting day designed to lure prospects into the AA family. Marketers refer to this as a “sales promotion”, but in AA logic this is called “attraction”.