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Shining a Light on Ron V.

Ron Verlander, Jr. is the Executive Director of the National Organization for Addiction Healing (NOAH). As their website  describes, it is not a treatment facility. So, what is their mission? This is taken from their website, which I have frozen:

“NOAH’s commission is to form a spiritual, financial and educational support bridge between the Christian Church Community and the Christian Recovery Ministry networks across the nation in order to save both lives in recovery treatment and lost souls through discipleship.

The “Bridge” is a spiritual two-way bridge. In one direction NOAH will facilitate and distribute desperately needed capital and financial support to Christian/Faith Based recovery facilities across the nation. (Summary of Treatment Facilities Article) NOAH will support its charitable funding projects from donations and pledges from churches, corporations, foundations, other charitable organizations and the general public.

In the other direction, NOAH will educate churches, their pastors and staff on how to minister to a suffering church member, give guidance as to where Christian recovery help is available for those who are in need of rehabilitation and help facilitate a connection to an appropriate Christian/Faith Based recovery facility that will meet the needs of the man or woman suffering from substance abuse addiction.

NOAH will also assist its participating churches in establishing a volunteer recovery mentor ministry within their church. The function of which would be to disciple the member returning from their rehabilitation at the Christian Recovery facility back into the Church first; and secondly into an appropriate 12 Step Support Group such as, Celebrate Recovery, Overcomers Outreach , Alcoholics Victorious, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Al-Anon. These two steps are of vital importance, in order to nourish the individual’s spiritual renewal and conditioning, and enhancing sustained sobriety.”

(Note the picture of Curb Your Enthusiasm and Seinfeld creator, Larry David. I thought he was Jewish, but he is apparently endorsing the NOAH mission.)

Unfortunately, NOAH and Mr. Verlander has yet act on its mission, because he’s been too drunk. There are also some other interesting tidbits to the story:

Drug, alcohol counselor arrested on DUI charges

Turns out it is a residence in Alpharetta.

When confronted about his arrest, Verlander said he had no comment.

A woman who did not give her name told Wilis she helped start the nonprofit with Verlander.

“He’s an alcoholic,” she said.

She claimed that’s why the company never got a chance to work with addicts.

However, their company’s website is still up and running, and soliciting business from faith-based organizations.

Willis asked if Verlander ever accepted donations.

“I appreciate you coming by to talk, but I’m not interested in talking,” Verlander responded.

According to the company’s website, NOAH is an IRS recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

I hope Mr. Verlander isn’t accepting funds under the guise that he and his staff (which I assume consists of him and this woman who was unaware the website for NOAH was actually up and running) is helping others, and then pocketing said funds for beer money. That would be fraud, and though it may meet the AA standards of rigorous honesty™, it doesn’t meet the legal standard; and in that case, this guy will have more legal troubles than a DUI.