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Finally, A Little Bit of Common Sense

Finally, a little bit of common sense when it comes to dealing with probation and parole. Shockingly, it comes out of Arizona, which has devolved into the most batshit crazy state in the U.S. It’s nice to see a nugget of reason coming from that hotbed of lunacy. Adult probation credited with reducing revocations:

Knowing whether a probationer is more or less likely to commit new crimes lets probation officers better match rehabilitative programs with probationers’ needs, Sanders said.

And using what are called “evidence-based practices” means probation officers have stopped using therapies and punishments that clearly don’t work and have started using those that do, Sanders said.

For example, probation officers used to force people convicted of alcohol-related offenses to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, but there was no evidence suggesting AA lowered recidivism rates.

Instead, probation officers now require attendance at cognitive-skills therapy sessions. Studies show this therapy improves impulse control and thinking skills, Sanders said.