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AA Sponsor Protects Sponsee Who Confessed To Murder

Last October, I posted about how AAs use or break their tradition of anonymity to suit their purposes: Anonymity. This falls into the category of “using anonymity to protect each other from accountability.” Only someone under the twisted spell AA produces in people could rationalize their complicity in this crime. Principles before personalities, ya know:

Bob Ryder charged with killing Danita Brown

LEWISTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — A man who lives in the building where the body of 38-year-old Danita Brown’s body was found has been charged with killing her.

Brown’s body was found in the basement of the building Tuesday.

According to the police affidavit, Bob Ryder, 21, told his Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor that he had killed Brown by hitting her in the head with a wooden clock. His sponsor waited two and a half weeks before calling police because he was worried about breaking AA’s confidentiality agreement.

And the beat goes on….


Anonymity – a cornerstone of the AA program, which is steadfastly protected, unless breaking it will serve a greater purpose for an individual AA, or AA as a whole – in which case it is dropped like a bad habit.

Among the most important and revered traditions of AA is the practice of anonymity. To any reasonable person it should seem like a good idea, and on its surface, it is — but like with all things AA, they have taken this simple concept, bastardized its meaning, and nefariously use it in ways ranging from the exploitation of others for the greater good of the organization, to an excuse for absolving themselves of accountability. Like their other traditions, anonymity is used selectively, and only when it is of benefit to a member or the group; but it is quickly tossed aside when their AA affiliation will help them in some way. Take a look: Continue reading Anonymity