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AllyB’s Quote of the Day

AllyB posted this comment in MA’s “Quotes of the Day” post, and I thought it deserved to be on the front page, along with AnnaZed’s response. So, finally (sorry it took so long)! Here it is:

AllyB says:

We just don’t understand you see, we’re just amateurs. Heres’ what I learned on S[ober]R[ecovery] yesterday:
That’s the difference between amateurs who think they know all about this disease and professionals who have been educated in the different stages of recovery and how to bait, cajole, feed, shove and rejoice with an alkie who actually becomes a healthy, productive person. If you do things in the wrong order, you’ll just loose the alkie and they’ll end up dead.

Not that different from working with an abused woman. They go thru their own stages as well, and if you use the wrong approach at the wrong time she’ll end up just as dead as the alkie.

When you see the Moderators here at SR removing posts and locking threads that’s the reason why. Some amateur has gotten a big head and is interfering in the work that is being done by people who actually know what they are doing.

Moderator, SR

And then later:

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Father Sam

[I’m re-posting AnnaZed’s comment from the Big Day for AA thread. –ftg]


by AnnaZed

Well, this IS a special day in AA history, not because of the knife murder (those are probably more common than one might think) or the two-DUIs-in-one-day Canadian AA member lady who won’t do a day in jail (though she is special), but because Father Sam’s AA get out of jail free card on charges of stealing millions of dollars from his treatment facility in Akron, Ohio is like none I have ever seen or conceived of.

Here’s a little puff piece on his “Bethlehem in Akron” known as Interval Brotherhood Home or IBH (seriously, that’s disgusting and I’m not even a Christian):

I have been doing a little reading up on the good father, and wow (I mean WOW) I can’t believe what I am Continue reading Father Sam