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Dr. Drew Pinsky’s Authoritarian Approach to Charlie Sheen

I don’t normally go after people but Dr. Drew Pinsky is saying things that are so offensive and destructive that I am making an exception.

In the name of love and all the people who have been misled, mislabeled and mistreated by the disabling beliefs of the addiction-recovery-treatment industry–I’m calling names. And right now I’m calling out some of my least favorite company, Dr. Drew Pinsky and kind.

In a recent video with, Dr. Drew Pinsky discusses Charlie Sheen (sprinkled with condescending head nods and ending in smug amusement because the fate of someone’s life is such a funny subject): “Whether it’s drug induced or drug withdrawal or whether he has bipolar disorder, I don’t know but right now he’s manic. That’s an acute psychiatric emergency. Bipolar patients that are manic are more likely to kill themselves or hurt themselves than when they’re depressed. So this is somebody who should be in the hospital.”

Note that Dr. Drew Pinsky is calling for the involuntary medical incarceration of someone who has not violated the law. If he wasn’t using medical terms to threaten someone’s liberty and to dehumanize them by refusing to respond to what they are saying, we would call this “libel.” But what is going on here is worse than slander because this kind of insensitive, uncaring, profit-oriented, social-control oriented behavior is destroying people’s lives.

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The Lonely Path

Wildest Dreams Do Come True… Outta My Way AA! by Amy Lee Coy

LA Times: AA Doesn’t Work for Everyone

Alcoholics Anonymous doesn’t work for everyone — and that’s OK By Amy Lee Coy

Failing to achieve sobriety using AA and other programs that insist alcoholics are powerless over their ‘disease’ doesn’t mean an addict is without hope.

As I read Dr. Drew Pinsky’s comments on Lindsay Lohan’s problems and prognosis — that the actress should be framed so a judge could order her to a long-term treatment program, remarks for which he has since apologized — I felt worried and even scared for all the people who are suffering with addiction today.

Why? Because what Dr. Drew was saying expressed the attitude that so many people have regarding addiction and recovery, which, in my experience, is ineffective and even damaging for some of us. I suspect Lohan is one such person. She has not told us why rehab has not helped her to quit her substance-abusing behavior, but it seems to me she is in an informed position to do so given that she’s been in rehab before.

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