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Here is an interesting story out of Reading, PA — where a guy flipped out, and accused a group of AAs of taking his inventory

Two arrested in gun threats outside church after AA meeting:

“Jan Nies arrived after the meeting and started yelling at a group of people standing in the parking lot.

He accused them of saying bad things about him. He lifted his shirt to show them a .45-caliber handgun he had tucked into his pants.

When police arrived, Nies was still yelling at several people in the parking lot.

Police approached him from behind with their guns drawn and placed him under arrest without incident.

His gun was still tucked in his pants and fell to the ground when police took him into custody.

Bradley Nies started yelling at the officers and also was arrested.

Jan Nies was charged with firearms violations, making terroristic threats, disorderly conduct and related offenses.

Bradley Nies was charged with disorderly conduct and interfering with police.

Both father and son were awaiting arraignment late Friday in Reading Central Court.

Police said Jan Nies had been arrested a number of times for disorderly conduct and weapons violations, mostly during domestic disputes in Laureldale.”