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Shutting the Doors to the Granfalloony Bin in Akron

A “sobriety club” in Akron is closing its doors because it is in debt, and about to be foreclosed upon by the bank. The “Today Club II”, which is operated by a group called “Sobriety Checkpoint, Inc.”, just held its last shindig. I like this quote from the article:

Regulars at the club say miracles happen inside the building where 15 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are held each week.

Why is it that God™ is so selective about dishing out miracles? I mean, God™ can miraculously sober up 5% of the Today Club’s regulars, but He can’t at least provide a little cash to help them make their mortgage payments on time. It seems like He would arrange something like a lottery winning, or at least an understanding banker. This baffles me just a little, but of course, I’m not God™.

It’s last call at sobriety cafe in North Akron

Quote of the Day

”They taught me to smoke cigarettes, drink coffee and play spades.”

Deb H., an AA, in reference to what the old-timers taught her at age 15, when she joined Alcoholics Anonymous.

"A.A.'s 'Big Book' celebrates 70 years"

Here is an article from the Akron Beacon Journal about the 70th anniversary of the ‘Big Book’.

Here are some interesting quotes from a couple of folks from the AA flock about the ‘Big Book’ from the article:

“It is ”God’s story of his love for the alcoholic.”

”To me, the Big Book is an inspiration of God.”

”You see its enduring, life-saving value and you know it had to be more than two recovering men that were that brilliant that put something together. It had to be in God’s hands.”

They forgot to mention that the book is “spiritual, not religious”; and these words from God are “just suggestions”.