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The Lucidity Filter

Any group or organization contains a certain percentage of crazies and wingnuts, and if you were to take a sampling of the Alcoholics Anonymous membership, they would be no exception. Of course, their percentage of these types is going to be higher, as they actively recruit felons and social misfits. Still, even taking this into account, a random sampling on any AA group (at least the groups to which I have been exposed) will show a great percentage of members to be normal people who just happen to have drinking problems.

The obvious question, then, is how an organization composed largely of everyday men and women can be so dysfunctional. One reason is because AA is, in many ways, not unlike any other organization, and the vocal minority is often placated simply to shut them up. We all know how that goes, because we’ve all been there: OK, OK! I’ll eat your shit taco. Just quit your bitching! Often the loudest is the most crazy, and most opinionated. Think about it – have you ever seen a dispassionate conspiracy theorist? This makes sense — but why is it that with AA, unlike other organizations, a small group of crazies become not just a vocal minority, but become the leaders of the organization; and the ones who run the show? They move beyond simply being placated, to positions of leadership within AA’s social structure. There is a reason for this, and it is what I’ll refer to as the lucidity filter. Continue reading The Lucidity Filter