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Atheist Activist EllenBeth Wachs Arrested

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Atheist Says Arrests Are Baseless

This is the first of a series on the arrest of EllenBeth Wachs, a member and officer with Atheists of Florida, a Tampa-based organization.)

There is no question in EllenBeth Wachs’ mind. Although she would be hard pressed to prove it, she is convinced her arrest and the charges are unfounded.

Wachs, who lives in a gated community just outside Lakeland city limits, was arrested March 3 in what she termed a surprise raid on her home. She was charged by State Attorney Jerry Hill’s office with practicing law without a license, a charge Wachs emphatically denies.

“They knocked on the door and asked me to step outside,” said Wachs, who said she did as requested. “They told me I was under arrest.” When she asked what was she being charged with, it was then she learned she was being arrested for illegally posing as an attorney.

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This is EllenBeth Wachs: