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12-Stepping Acadiana Style

Acadiana Outreach is a community outreach program in Layfayette, Louisiana. It provides services for those in need, including 12-Step recovery services. They’ve run into some recent financial problems, and have had to lay off employees and shut down some locations. The current CEO is blaming it all on the bad economy. It looks like there is a little more to the story than that:

The recent shake-up at Acadiana Outreach Center, one of the area’s largest private non-profit social service agencies, has been attributed to mismanagement and difficult financial times.

A Daily Advertiser investigation, however, shows a deeper, more systemic string of misbehavior and a reluctance to report problems, revelations that could further erode public confidence in the battered agency that desperately needs community donations and support to provide its services to the homeless and needy.

Major violations, according to documents received from a public records request filed with the state Department of Health and Hospitals, include:

» An Outreach Center house supervisor, for several months, engaged in a consensual sexual relationship with a substance-abuse patient.

» A separate house director stole money from a patient’s bank account and used it to run up a flurry of charges at casinos, restaurants and nail shops around the state.

» The center hired recovering alcoholics and drug addicts immediately after their treatment ended, a violation of the state’s Access to Recovery program policies.

» The center admitted 13 new patients after being expressly told not to while the program was on suspension, costing the center precious state money.

» Then-CEO Rick Newton, who was fired earlier this month, either reported violations late or not at all, in disregard of state policy.

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